A Selection of Incidents from 1976  to 1980

Key :     F.A.G.I.  -  False Alarm, Good Intent  (Non Malicious)

             F.A.M.  -  False Alarm, Malicious

            A.F.A.    - Automatic Fire Alarm


Leybourne ~ F.A.G.I. Snodland ~ Chimney Cuxton ~ Car
Strood ~ Rubbish Paddlesworth ~ F.A.M. Cuxton ~ Grass
Strood ~ F.A.G.I. Snodland ~ Small Fire Meopham ~ Factory
Cuxton ~ Tree Snodland ~ Special Services Larkfield ~ Standby
Cobham ~ Grass Shorne ~ Relief Crew Borstal ~ Grass
Strood ~ Standby Halling ~ Grass Larkfield ~ Pulp Stack
Larkfield ~ Relief Crew Chatham ~ Relief Crew Wrotham ~ Lorry
Birling ~ Relief Crew West Malling ~ Stubble Halling ~ Flooding
Halling ~ Small Fire Halling ~ Rubbish London Road ~ Grass
Gillingham ~ R.T.A. Luddesdown ~ Stubble Barming ~ Nurses Home
Barming ~ Relief Crew Ditton ~ Small Fire Upper Halling ~ Relief Crew
Cuxton ~ Car Alight Halling ~ Tractor Strood ~ Warehouse
Cuxton ~ Warehouse Snodland ~ R.T.A. Strood ~ Kitchen
Snodland ~ Electrical Fault Strood ~ Television Aerial  



Cuxton ~ Shed Rochester ~ Factory Snodland ~ Caravan
Snodland ~ F.A.M. Snodland ~ Rubbish Snodland ~ Small Fire
Cuxton ~ Rubbish Cuxton ~ Tree Halling ~ R.T.A.
Leybourne ~ F.A.G.I. Snodland ~ Building Cuxton ~ Special Services
Snodland ~ Pulp Stack Halling ~ Coal Hopper Larkfield ~ Standby
Aylesford ~ Pulp Stack    



Cuxton Halling ~ Cricket Pavilion West Malling - Windsor Garage
Larkfield ~ Standby Upper Halling ~ Fire in Pit Snodland ~ Special Services
Motorway M2, Cobham West Farleigh Strood, Morgan's Wood Yard
Strood ~ Standby Cuxton, Sundridge Hill Leybourne ~ Special Services
Snodland, Bingley Close Holborough Cement Works  



North Halling ~ Special Services Strood ~ Standby Dockyard, HMS Zulu
Snodland Tarmac Ltd D'yard, HMS Minervia ~ Exercise Leybourne Grange ~ A.F.A
West Malling Air Station ~ A.F.A. Reed's Int. ~ Fire, No.2 m/c Rochester Borstal Institution
Snodland, High Street Motorway M2, between A228/9 Paddlesworth Road Farm
Ryarsh, Chapel Street West Malling British Rail Station Snodland, Holmesdale School
Snodland, Hall Ballast Snodland, Churchfields Larkfield ~ Standby
Strood, Cuxton Road Larkfield, Sheldon Way Snodland, Queen's Head P/H
Snodland, Baldocks - Malling Rd. Cuxton, Caravan Site Snodland, Neville Road
Wateringbury, Whitbread Brewery Maidstone, Boarney Farm Larkfield, Signet Close



Leybourne Grange ~ A.F.A. Larkfield, Swallow Road West Malling Air Station ~ A.F.A.
Snodland, Lead Wool Halling, Rear of Institute Cuxton, Nine Acres Road
Cuxton, Martin Earles Sp. Services Cuxton Tip ~ Rubbish M2 Motorway, Chatham
Halling, A228 Halling, Harris House, Flat 22 Larkfield ~ Standby
Dockyard, HMS Scylia Aylesford, Reeds International Cuxton, Scout Hall
West Malling, Pine Wood Garage Larkfield, Manor Farm Aylesford, Kimberley Clark
Cobham, Sole Street Snodland, Holmesdale School Snodland, Holborough Road
Rainham, Bloons Wharf Cuxton, Bush Road Gillingham, HMS Wildlife
West Malling, Nat. West Bank Leybourne, Lunsford Park Halling, Marsh Farm
Aylesford, Island Site Upper Halling, Court Farm Upper Halling, The Pit
Larkfield, Chapman's Farm Halling, High Street Snodland, Brook Street
Snodland, Malling Road Snodland, Post Office