A Selection of Incidents from 1981  to 1985

Key :     F.A.G.I.  -  False Alarm, Good Intent  (Non Malicious)

             F.A.M.  -  False Alarm, Malicious

            A.F.A.    - Automatic Fire Alarm


Cuxton Tip ~ Rubbish Snodland, M.K.W. ~ A.F.A. Larkfield ~ Standby
Cuxton, Turner and King Snodland, Townsend Hook Grain, BP Oil Refinery
West Malling Air Station Leybourne Grange ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm
Aylesford, Island Site Snodland, Paddlesworth Road Snodland, St. Katherine's School
Strood ~ Standby Halling Institute Bearsted, Oast House
Snodland, Sharnal Lane Aylesford, Reeds International M20/M26 Nepicar Roundabout
Cuxton, Court Farm Snodland Bakery Halling, Rugby Cement Works
Halling, Plough P.H. Snodland, Birling Road Coxheath, Park Way
Strood, High Street    



West Malling Air Station Halling, Vicarage Close Snodland Post Office
Snodland, Red Lion P.H. Ryarsh, Woodgate Road Snodland, Home Farm
Halling High Street Larkfield ~ Standby Snodland, Townsend Hook
Snodland, St. Katherine's School Strood ~ Standby Rochester, Fort Bridgewood
Halling, Rose and Crown P.H. West Malling, Douces Manor West Malling, Tesco's
Eccles, Pilgrims Way Strood, Ranscombe Close Snodland, Holly Hill
Larkfield Leisure Centre Larkfield, Kimberley Clark Snodland, Tuohy Printers
Leybourne Grange-Ottersham Hse. Cuxton Tip ~ Rubbish Snodland, Bull Hotel
Strood, D.I.Y. Centre Halling, Rugby Cement Works Halling High Street
Cuxton, Poplicans Road Cuxton Woods  



Larkfield, Kingfisher Road West Malling Air Station Cuxton Tip ~ Rubbish
Snodland, Portland Place Halling, Vicarage Road Strood ~ Standby
Dockyard, HMS Hermione Cuxton Level Crossing Snodland, Paddlesworth Farm
Snodland, Holly Hill Snodland, Townsend Hook Cuxton, Dean Farm
Strood, Laurel Court Aylesford, Totting Farm Snodland, St. Katherine's School
North Halling, A228 Snodland, M.K.W. Cuxton, Sundridge Hill
Cuxton, Riverside Cottage Leybourne Grange Hosp ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Birling Road
Leybourne Grange Hosp ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Cross Roads