A Selection of Incidents from 1991  to 1995

Key :     F.A.G.I.  -  False Alarm, Good Intent  (Non Malicious)

             F.A.M.  -  False Alarm, Malicious

            A.F.A.    - Automatic Fire Alarm


Snodland, The Bull P. H. ~ Rubbish Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Cars and Vans Alight Chatham, St. Mary's Island Site ~ Relief Crew (Pumps 4)
Cuxton, Station Road ~ Car Alight Strood, Tesco's Store ~ A.F.A. West Malling, Offham Road ~ A.F.A.
Snodland, By-Pass ~ Bushes Alight Halling, Cam Path ~ Straw Alight Higham, White Horse Farm ~ Relief Crew Barn Fire (Pumps 4)
Strood ~ Standby Upper Halling, Court Farm ~ Woods Alight West Malling, Douces Manor ~ A.F.A.
Halling, Elm Haven Marina ~ Boat Alight Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Smoke Alarm Sounding
Cuxton, White Hart P. H. ~ Car Alight Upper Halling, Red Hill ~ Car Alight Cuxton, Roman Way ~ Car Alight



Snodland, Thomson Close ~ Front Bedroom Snodland, A228 By-Pass ~  R.T.A. Person Trapped Upper Halling, Pilgrims Road ~ Car Alight
Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Vans Alight Snodland, Holly Hill ~ Fire (White Farm House) Larkfield ~ Standby
Cuxton, Wood Street ~ F.A.M. Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Van Alight Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Horse Trapped in Mud
Strood ~ Standby Gravesend, General Gordan P.H.~ Relief Crew Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Norman Road ~ Fire Cuxton, Gulf Petrol Station ~ Smoke Issuing Snodland, Brooklands Lake ~ Trees Alight
Snodland, Chapel Road ~ Washing Machine Alight Snodland, Mid Kent Water ~ A.F.A. Snodland, By-Pass ~ Fire in Undergrowth
Strood, Morgan's Wood Yard ~ Exercise Cuxton, Rochester Road ~ Suicide/Gas leak Snodland, Malling Road ~ F.A.M.
Kemsley, UK Paper Mill ~ Paper Fire (Pumps 25) West Malling, Air Station ~ A.F.A. Kemsley, UK Paper Mill ~ Relief Crew
Halling Marsh ~ Cow Stuck in River Cuxton, Station Road ~ Car Alight Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Skip Alight
Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Car Alight Wilmington, Grange Hotel ~ Relief Crew Cuxton, James Road ~ Abandoned Call by Child
Halling, Old Cement Works ~ Fire in Derelict Warehouse Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Fire in Bedroom Cliffe, Conoco Oil Storage Depot ~ Exercise
Halling, Pilgrims Road ~ Bonfire Burham, Treatment Works ~ Exercise Upper Halling, Pilgrims Way ~ Car Alight



Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Chemical Spillage Maidstone ~ Standby Marden, M. J. Pallets ~ Pallets Alight (Pumps 10)
Halling, Bishop's Meadow ~ Car Alight Upper Halling, Black Boy P.H. ~ Chimney Upper Halling, Pilgrims Road ~ F.A.G.I.
West Malling, Air Station ~ F.A.G.I. Snodland, Hilton's Shoes ~ Paper Fire Motorway M2, A228 Junction ~ Car Alight
Strood ~ Standby Snodland, Pilgrims Way ~ Car Alight Snodland, Tesco's Depot ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton, Woodhurst Close ~ Log Smouldering Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M. Gravesend, Denton's Wharf ~ Relief Crew
Larkfield ~ Standby Medway ~ Standby Strood, Knight Road (Morgan's) ~ Fire (Pumps 6)
Leybourne, Willow Mead ~ A.F.A. West Malling, Air Station ~  F.A.M. (Woods Alight) Cuxton, A228 ~ Smoke in the Area
Cuxton, Warren Road ~ R.T.A. Person Trapped Snodland, Redman's ~ F.A.G.I. Rainham, Bloars Wharf ~ Smoke Issuing (Pumps 4)
Snodland, Rectory Close ~ Pan Fire Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm ~ Farm Building Alight Strood, Station Road ~ Abandoned Call
Snodland, Mid Kent Water ~ A.F.A. Ashford, Willsborough ~ Relief Crew Motorway M2, Junction 2/3 C/b ~ Man Jumping off Bridge
Strood, Roman Way ~ F.A.G.I. (Car Alight) Cuxton, Warren Road ~ Car Alight Biddenden Squash Club ~ Flooding



Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M. Larkfield ~ Standby Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Car Alight
Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Fire Snodland (Village turn off) ~  R.T.A. - O.A.P. Shocked
Motorway M2, Junction 2/3 ~ Fire Maidstone ~ Standby Thames-Side ~ Standby
Snodland, Portland Place ~ House Alight Motorway M2, Under Bridge ~ Fields Alight West Malling, Air Station ~ A.F.A.
Strood ~ Standby Strood, Rochester Bridge ~ Car Alight Upper Halling, Pilgrims Way ~ Car Alight
Aylesford, S.C.A. ~ Fire in No 2 Machine Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Shed Alight Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm ~ Chimney
Snodland, Scout Hut ~ Paper Fire Snodland, Tesco's Depot ~ A.F.A. Aylesford, Safeway's Depot ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Car Alight Strood, Unit 1A Saxon Rise ~ A.F.A. Strood, High Street ~ F.A.M. (Toilet Block)
Snodland, Roberts Road ~ F.A.G.I. (School) Strood, Cuxton Road ~ Fire in Old Gun P.H. Wouldham, Rectory Close ~ Barn Alight
West Malling, Douces Manor ~ A.F.A. West Malling, Air Station ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Warren Road ~ Tree Alight
West Malling, Air Station ~ Alarm Caused by Storm Northfleet, Hunting Avenue ~ Railway Embankment Alight Motorway M2, Junction 2/3 ~ Car Alight
East Malling, Paris Farm ~ Relief Crew Snodland, Holborough Road ~ Bin Alight Halling, High Street ~ Lady Locked Out
Snodland, Rectory Close ~ A.F.A. (Toast) Wainscott, Haven Street ~ Relief Crew Strood, Medway City Ind. Est. ~ Skip Alight
Strood ~ Cuxton Marina ~ Body Floating Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire in Paper Machine Strood, Darnley Close ~ Fire in Garage
Strood, Shaw Wood Home ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Washing Machine Alight West Malling, Broadwater Road ~ Cow Stuck Down Bank
Snodland, Ladds Lane ~ Van Alight Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Rubbish Alight Snodland, Constitution Hall ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Van Alight Snodland, Holmesdale School ~ A.F.A. Halling C.P. School ~ Portacabin Alight
Halling, Ferry Road ~ Rubbish Alight Snodland, Holmesdale School ~ Science Hut Alight Strood, Sycamore Road ~ Gas Explosion in House



Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Car Alight Larkfield ~ Standby Maidstone, King Street (Clarke's) ~ Fire in Store
Cuxton, Bush Rd (Dene Valley) ~ Building Alight West Malling, Abbeywood Rd ~ A.F.A. Halling, Ladds Lane ~ Car Alight
Cuxton, Rochester Road ~ Cooker Alight Cuxton, A228 ~ 3 Cars Alight Cuxton, Medway Marina ~ Body in River
Snodland, Thompson Close ~ Diesel Tank Leaking Strood ~ Standby Trottiscliffe, Pondsfield Lane ~ Bungalow Alight
Snodland, Dragon Boat ~ Fire Halling, High Street ~ Bonfire out of Control Cuxton, Cuxton Road ~ Rubbish Alight
West Malling Air Field ~ A.F.A. Offham, Church Road ~ Farm Boiler in Shed Alight Halling, Lambarde Close ~ Car Alight
Medway ~ Standby Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Garage Alight Snodland, Birling Road ~ Abandoned Call by Child
Motorway M20, Nr BP Garage ~ Fire Snodland, Ham Hill ~ Rubbish Alight Snodland, Redlands ~ A.F.A.
Chatham, Pagitt Street ~ Relief Crew Strood, Dart Close ~ Fire Swanscombe, Collins Way ~ Shed Alight
Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire Strood, Darnley Road ~ Petrol on Road Leybourne, Willow Mead ~ A.F.A.
Strood, Darnley Road ~ Bed Alight in Garden Aylesford, S.C.A. ~ Fire in Stacking Area Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Ladds Lane ~ Car Alight Addington, Park Road ~ Grass Alight in Field Thames-Side ~ Standby
Strood, Lilac Road ~ Abandoned Call by Child Strood, Camelia House ~ Cooker Alight Strood, Fulmar Road ~ Trees Alight
West Malling, London Road ~ A.F.A. Strood, Hyacinth Road ~ Grass Alight Snodland, Covey Hall Road ~ Stubble Alight
Snodland, Mid Kent Water ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Hedge Alight Cobham Golf Club ~ Tree Alight
Snodland, Norman Road ~ Gas Leak/Fridge Snodland, Churchfields ~ Fire Cuxton, Charles Drive ~ Bushes Alight
Strood, Highland Close ~ Shed Alight Near Beech Restaurant ~ Wood Yard Alight Maidstone, Sandling Road ~ A.F.A.
Ryarsh C.P. School ~ Fire Larkfield, Auden Road ~ Washing Machine Alight Snodland, Wimpy ~ A.F.A.
Cliffe, Salt Lane ~ Conoco Oil Depot Exercise Cuxton, Factory Cottages ~ Horse Trapped in Mud Snodland, Saltings Road ~  Bedroom Alight