A Selection of Incidents from 1996  to 2000

Key :     F.A.G.I.  -  False Alarm, Good Intent  (Non Malicious)

             F.A.M.  -  False Alarm, Malicious

            A.F.A.    - Automatic Fire Alarm


Snodland, Rear of Willowside ~ Car Alight Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire in No.8 Machine Dartford ~ Standby
Snodland High Street ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Snodland, Holmesdale School ~ Fire Cuxton, Caravan Site ~ Car Alight
Strood ~ Standby North Halling Quarry ~ Fire in Quarry Cuxton, Nine Acres Wood ~ Flood Through Ceiling
Strood, Albatross Avenue ~ Tree Alight Larkfield ~ Standby Rochester, Gas House Road ~ Relief Crew
Maidstone, Oakleaf ~ Smoke Issuing (Pumps 6) Sevenoaks, A25 Tyres, Seal Rd ~ Relief Crew Halling, Essex Road ~ Car Alight
Upper Halling, The Street ~ Abandoned Call by Child Cuxton, Poplicans Road ~ Railway Embankment Lower Twydall Lane ~ Relief Crew
Upper Halling Woods ~ Fire (6 Hectares) Halling High Street ~ Kitchen Alight Herne Bay, Thorden Woods ~ Relief Crew
Aylesford, S.C.A. Site ~ Fire in Roof (Pumps 10) Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M. Northfleet, Dover Road ~ Fire
Cliffe, Hope Point Road ~ Relief crew Dartford, Greenwich University ~ Fire Upper Halling, Recreation Ground ~ Bushes Alight
Strood, M.C.D, Viking Close ~ F.A.M. Birling, Kennels Cottage ~ Standing Corn Alight Aylesford, Pratling Street ~ Standing Corn Alight
Thames-Side ~ Standby Strood, Roman Way ~ Bushes Alight Leybourne, Rectory Lane South ~ F.A.G.I.
Snodland, Tilghman Way ~ Cow Stuck in River Turning into Ranscombe Farm ~ Dumper Truck Alight Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M.
Upper Halling, Chapel Lane ~ Car Alight Aylesford, Kimberley Clark ~ Fire in Roof (Pumps 6) Dartford High Street ~ Relief Crew
Snodland, Malling Road ~ Abandoned Call by Child Motorway M2, Coast Bound ~ Grass Alight Cuxton Recycling Tip ~ Rubbish Alight



Snodland, P & H, ~ A.F.A. Strood, Gallery Framing ~ Fire Cuxton Caravan Site ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M. Halling, Essex Road ~ Car Alight Horton Kirby, Darenth Way ~ Fire
Larkfield ~ Standby Cuxton Auto Service Station ~ Fire Halling, A228 Footbridge ~ Grass Alight
Cobham Wood, Halfpenny Lane ~ Scrub Alight Snodland, Rectory Close ~ A.F.A. Hermitage, Hermitage House ~ Fire
Rochester, New Road ~ Relief Crew Halling, Ladds Lane ~ Wooden Building Alight Halling, Stake Lane ~ O.A.P. Unwell
Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Dog Trapped on Cliff Strood ~ Standby Allhallows, St. David's Road ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Rear Covey Hall Rd ~ Fire in Quarry Ladds Lane, Chalk Pits ~ Car Alight Halling, Vicarage Close ~ Motor Bike Alight
Motorway M20, Junction 1 & 2 ~ Van Alight Hartlip, Spade Lane ~ Fire (Pumps 15) Cobham, Cobham Hall ~ Building Alight
Cuxton, Warren Road ~ Fire in Woodland Halling, Harris House ~ A.F.A. Gravesend Hospital ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm ~ Field Alight Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ R.T.A. Mereworth, Yotes Court Farm ~ Relief Crew
Motorway M2, Junction 2 & 3 ~ Lorry Alight Upper Halling, Chalk Pit ~ Fire in Pit - Rear of Black Boy PH Larkfield, Plover Road ~ Shed Alight
Snodland, Tesco's Store ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Rochester Road ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Snodland, Freemason's P. H.. ~ R.T.A.
Upper Halling Recreation Park ~ Boy Stuck in Tree Halling, Pilgrims Road ~ Car Alight Snodland Clocktower ~ Rubbish Alight
Snodland, Sandhole Farm Shop ~ Fire Halling, Pilgrims Way ~ Fire in Woods Making Kent Safe ~ Halling School



Motorway M20, Box 6700A ~ Van Leaking Petrol Snodland, Ham Hill ~ Abandoned Call Newington, London Road ~ Relief Crew
Snodland, Malling Road ~ Abandoned Call Halling, Kent Road ~ Flooding - Distressed O.A.P. Plaxtow, Roughway Lane ~ Relief Crew
Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire in No. 1 Machine Larkfield ~ Standby Halling, New Estate ~ Roof Alight
Snodland, Churchfields ~ House Fire Strood ~ Standby Motorway M20, Box 6447B C/B ~ Lorry Wagon Alight
Cuxton, Upper Bush Road ~ Land Rover Alight Cuxton Caravan Site ~ Caravan Alight Halling, Maximillian Drive ~ Rubbish Alight/Building Site
Halling Fire Station ~ Own Alarm Sounding Halling, Dean Park Church Road ~ Rubbish Alight Snodland, Pilgrims View ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton Industrial Estate ~ Car Alight Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Rubbish Alight Snodland, Bramley Road ~ Rubbish Alight in Bin
Chatham Dockyard, Ropery ~ A.F.A. Hucking, Broad Street ~ Standing Corn Alight Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight in Field
Lower Stoke, Stoke Road ~ Combine Harvester Alight Thames-Side ~ Standby Aylesford, S.C.A. ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm ~ Standing Corn Alight Halling, Vicarage Road ~ Disused House Alight Gravesend, Central Avenue ~ Grass Alight
Snodland, A228 By-Pass ~ Grass Alight Snodland, Malling Road ~ Smoke Issuing from House Snodland, Holborough Marshes ~ Car Alight
Motorway M20, Jct. 4 & 5 L/B ~ Grass Alight Upper Halling, Chalk Pit ~ Fire in Pit Snodland, Holmesdale School ~ A.F.A.
Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight Strood, Esporta Health Club ~ A.F.A. Upper Halling, Vicarage Road ~ Overturned Van in Pit
Snodland, Brook Street ~ Car Alight Snodland, Ham Hill A228 ~ Car Alight Chatham, Gala Bingo Hall ~ Fire
Cuxton, Tesco's Store ~ A.F.A. Hoo St. Werburgh, Ratcliffe ~ Relief Crew West Malling A228 ~ Main Gas Leak
West Malling, Wheatsheaf P.H. ~ R.T.A. Snodland, Thompson Close ~ Abandoned Call by Child Snodland, Ladds Lane ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Paddlesworth Lane ~ Car Alight Snodland, Rectory Close ~ A.F.A. Strood, Cuxton Road M.C.D ~ A.F.A.



Snodland, Rectory Close ~ A.F.A. Snodland, A228 By-Pass ~ Car Alight Cuxton, Esporta Leisure Centre ~ A.F.A.
Snodland, Recreation Ground ~ Rubbish Alight Cuxton, Industrial Estate ~ Gas Pipe Alight Upper Halling, Meadow Crescent ~ Car Alight
Larkfield ~ Standby Snodland, Nr Wimpy ~ Car Alight Motorway M2, Jct.1 & 2 L/B ~ Smoke Issuing from Car
Upper Halling, The Street ~  R.T.A. - Petrol Leaking Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Explosion in Bungalow Halling, Rugby Cement R'about ~ Skip Alight
Snodland, May Street ~ Car Alight Upper Halling, Pilgrims Road ~ Car Alight in Driveway Snodland, Saltings Road ~ R.T.A.
Motorway M20, Box 6381B ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Forklift Truck Alight Motorway M2, Box 8478A ~ Rubbish Alight on Hard Shoulder
Medway Valley Park ~ Skip Alight Larkfield, New Hythe Lane ~ Television Alight Snodland, Public Toilets ~ Fire
Cuxton, M.C.D. ~ A.F.A. Upper Halling, Ladds Lane ~ Field Alight Snodland, A228 By-Pass ~ Railway Embankment Alight
East Malling, Chapel Street ~ Grass Alight Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Rubbish Alight Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm ~ Fire in Woods
Strood ~ Standby Northfleet, Mayfield Road ~ Grass Alight Dartford Heath ~ Relief Crew
Milton Regis, Swale Storage ~ Relief Crew (Fire) Strood, Medway Valley Park ~ Rubbish Alight Lower Halling, Wendover Close ~ Fire in Garden
Sole St, Cobham, Camer Park ~ Haystack Alight Lower Halling, Low Meadow ~ A.F.A. Gravesend, Church Road ~ Grass Alight
Motorway M2, Box 8451B ~ Grass Alight Motorway M20, Box 6301B ~ Car Alight Maidstone, Mote Road ~ Smell of Smoke
Strood, Norman Close ~ Waste Ground Alight Strood, Medway Valley Park ~ Car Alight Leybourne, Castle Way ~ Lady Locked in House
West Malling, London Road ~ A.F.A. Snodland Railway Crossing ~ Youth Fallen Through Floor Cuxton, Station Road ~ Bonfire on Waste Ground
Snodland, Ham Hill R'about ~ Grass Alight Strood, Medway Valley Park ~ A.F.A. Motorway M2, C/B ~ Brakes Alight on Lorry
Maidstone, Royal Mail Depot ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Explosion F.A.M. Snodland, Paddlesworth Road ~ Car Alight
Larkfield, School in Swallow Rd ~ Bin Alight Cuxton, Port Medway Marina ~ Abandoned Call, F.A.M. A2 C/B, The Inn on the Lake ~ Lorry Alight
Motorway M20 Jct.5 & 7 C/B ~ Van Alight Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Moped Alight Snodland, Covey Hall Road ~ Chimney Alight
Strood, Woodstock Road ~ Kitchen Alight Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Sports Pavillion Alight Leybourne, Rectory Lane ~ Car Alight
Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Flooding Snodland, Holmesdale School ~ Classroom Alight F.A.M. Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Kitchen Alight F.A.M.
Snodland, Ladds Lane ~ Car Alight Halling, High Street ~ Old Lady, Gas in the House  



Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fork Lift Truck Alight Halling, A228 By-Pass ~ R.T.A. Snodland, Ladds Lane ~ Car Alight
Snodland, High Street ~ Fire in Laundry Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Shed Fire Snodland, Blue Circle Ind. ~ A.F.A. (F.A.G.I.)
Cuxton, Station Road ~ Female Stuck in the |Mud Northfleet, Blue Circle Ind. ~ Fire in Kiln Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight
Cuxton, Esporta Leisure Centre ~ Car Alight Snodland, Mid Kent Water ~ A.F.A. Strood, Humber Crescent ~ Caravan Alight
Snodland, A228 By-Pass ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped Strood, Saxon Place ~ Derelict Car Alight Snodland, Ritch Road ~ Tree Alight
Strood, Elaine Avenue ~ Rubbish Alight Strood, Hawthorne Road ~ Garage Alight Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Pallets Alight
Snodland, Saltings Road ~ F.A.M. Snodland, Holborough Road ~ Fire in Building Snodland, Queen's Avenue ~ House Alight
Snodland, Bingley Close ~ Special Service Snodland, Rectory Close ~ A.F.A. Larkfield ~ Standby
Snodland, Mill Street ~ Abandoned Call Snodland, Saltings Road ~ Car Alight Snodland, Malling Road ~ R.T.A. Persons Trapped
Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Car Alight Motorway M2, L/B ~ Car Alight Snodland, Sewage Works ~ Car Alight
Snodland, Nr. Clocktower ~ Standing Corn Alight East Malling, Chapel Street ~ Car Alight Halling, Rugby Cement Works ~ Car Alight
Five Oak Green, The Forge ~ Flooding Snodland, A228 ~ Field Alight Barn End Farm ~ Relief Crew
West Malling, King's Hill ~ Car Alight Snodland, Smurfit Social Club ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Paddlesworth Road ~ Car Alight