A Selection of Incidents in 2001

Key :     F.A.G.I.  -  False Alarm, Good Intent  (Non Malicious)

             F.A.M.  -  False Alarm, Malicious

            A.F.A.    - Automatic Fire Alarm


Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Skip Alight Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Fire in No.8 Machine Halling, A228 By-Pass ~ R.T.A.
Snodland, Ladds Lane ~ Car Alight Kemsley, UK Paper ~ Fire in Waste Cuxton Marina ~ Fire
Cuxton, Bush Road ~ Chimney Fire Larkfield, Lunsford Lane ~ Relief Crew (Flooding) Boughton Monchelsea ~ Relief Crew (Flooding)
Strood ~ Standby Snodland, Malling Road ~ A.F.A. Snodland, Rectory Close ~ A.F.A.
Halling, Essex Road ~ Main Cables Sparking Motorway M20 Roundabout ~ R.T.A. Tesco's Roundabout ~ Derailment F.A.M.
Larkfield, Tesco's Roundabout ~ F.A.M. North Halling ~ Woods Alight F.A.G.I. East Malling ~ A.F.A.
Larkfield ~ Standby Snodland, Thompson Close ~ House Fire F.A.M. Halling Post Office ~ Cables Burning
Motorway M20, Box 6467A ~ Lorry Alight Motorway M2 Jct.1 & 2 C/B ~ Car Alight North Halling, Rochester Road ~ R.T.A.
Snodland, Palmer and Harvey ~ Person Trapped Waterinbury, Cannon Street ~ A.F.A. Snodland Railway Station ~ Fire Under Train
Wateringbury Road ~ Garage Alight (Fatal) Cuxton, White Lees Rise ~ Grass Alight Snodland Railway Station ~ Fire Alarm
Motorway M20, Box 6509B ~ R.T.A. Northfleet, Blue Circle Ind. ~ Fire in Mill Medway ~ Standby
Motorway M20, Jct. 4 & 5 L/B ~ R.T.A. Halling, Harris House ~ A.F.A. North Halling, Pilgrims Road ~ Car Alight
Eccles, Bull Lane ~ Fire in Field Halling, Rochester Road ~ R.T.A. (Fatal) Birling, Masters Lane ~ Substation Smoking
Cuxton, Ranscombe Farm ~ F.A.G.I. Snodland, Ham Hill ~ Lorry Alight Northfleet, Kimberley Clark ~ Fire (Pumps 5)
Upper Halling, Pilgrims Lane ~ Car Alight Snodland Community Centre ~ Car Alight Cuxton, Warren/Bush Road ~ Car Alight
Cuxton, Harold Road ~ Smoke in House Cuxton, Sundridge Hill ~ Rubbish Alight Snodland, Townsend Hook ~ Electrical Fire
Cuxton, Ladywood Road ~ Fire Cuxton Tip ~ Rubbish Skip Alight Snodland, Malling Road ~ Fallen Scaffolding
Motorway M20, Jct. 4 & 5 ~ Lorry Alight Snodland, Ham Hill ~ Lorry Overturned Upper Halling, The Street ~ Van Alight
Halling, Hostler Close ~ Car Alight Leybourne School ~ A.F.A. Cuxton, Euro-Valet ~ Rubbish Alight