A Fireman’s Mom

My son begins and ends his day Like every other son
Except as a fire fighter His day is never done
The volunteer has no “shift” He’s on twenty-four hour call
Never knowing exactly when The tones are going to fall
He’s up and dressed, still half-asleep Now heading for his gear
Each time I hear that backdoor slam My heart is filled with fear
Is it a fire in someone’s home? A car wreck down the block?
A medical emergency? With life counting down the clock?
Or is it just a false alarm Someone’s human error?
All these calls, you must believe Still fill my heart with terror
It breathes a chilling breath And reaches out so hot and mean
To cause untimely death Yes, my sons a fireman
His life is always on the line But I know he loves his job
And I pray he will be fine

- Unknown Author