Just a few of the many people I'd like to thank for helping with the information, pictures and help on the making of the portfolio and the web pages, I'm really sorry if I have missed anybody but my thanks go out to everyone.

           Percy Morris ....... My first caller after I had advertised for information.
           Trevor Mitchell ...... The only Mascot that Halling has had.
           Mick Wray .......... For the idea of putting on the Web.
           Jamie from work .... For helping me to actually start the web building process.
           Paul from work .... For steering me in the right direction, and correcting problems.                   
           Mark Tickner  ....... For helping me to type some of the text of the various incidents.
           Ted Gowers  ........ For allowing me to use extract's from across the Low Meadow. 
           Mick Palmer .......... For giving me some photos, it was hard to chose which ones to use.
           Dave Robinson ... For the great book he lent me. Very helpful. Also showing me how to do the moving things on the sites.