Dennis SS/RS 133


Front of appliance hand held radios various maps roll board dragon light conspicuity coats 2 BCF extinguisher appliance info folder spotlight
Crew cab CABA sets 4 rakes, hooks and pitch fork BA control equipment guide line as above 4 troll safety belts 4 wolf lights spare cylinders
Nearside front locker 110v saw 110v cable reels & 240v charging 110v 1.5kw generator fire & woollen blankets bolt croppers DP extinguisher railway horns general purpose tool box
Nearside middle locker NRA pack salvage sheets 4 70 mm hoses 8  f45 mm hoses 2 beaters 6 hoses bandages 2    
Nearside rear locker EPCO gear low level strainer stand pipe key and bars 2 hand controlled branches 2 various couplings dividing breech basket and strainer false spindles 2
Offside front locker canteen equipment 110v lights and various cables 110v 1.5kw generator LPP various other tools, saw, axes, crow bar, pick & shaft , strops, tirfor winch, tripods, shovels,
Offside middle locker 70 mm hoses 6 45 mm hoses 2 foam containers 2 15 m line 30 m line lowering line hose ramps 2  
Offside rear locker chimney gear first aid box flexi packs 2 CP suits & decam equip incident control board stapled gloves    
Appliance roof 10.5 ladder triple extension ladder roof ladder suction hose 4        
Pump Locker collecting head short length hard suction wrenches hose tallies blank cap petrol can    



Engine    Perkins V8 640 Diesel Engine

Gearbox    Allison MT643. Fully automatic

Steering   steering box with integral power assistance

Cab & Cab tilt    The Dennis SS series cab is of steel and glass fibre construction.

The windscreen  is a one piece laminated & all other windows are of safety glass
Brakes      are full air pressure system
Skid check    is fitted to provide anti-locking protection in emergency braking conditions
Power take off   A Chelsea limited torque power take off is fitted to the side of the Allison gearbox
Cooling system  the engine has a pressurised, thermostatically controlled closed circuit cooling system
Tank capacities  -: fuel ;diesel is 125 litres:  water is 1818 litres: 
a galvanised steel fully baffled tank fitted with a tube type contents gauge and is mounted on the chassis frame
Electrical   24 volt single pole negative earth system. Vehicle charging is by alternator.
Fire Pump   Godiva UMPX, two stage dual pressure pump. low pressure capacity 2270 litres/min (500 gpm). three 70 mm (21/2in ) female outlets. It can be used for high volume low pressure output (deliveries) or for low volume high pressure output (hose reels), or both simultaneously. Priming the pump is achieved automatically by means of a trinity water ring primer.