Faith among brothers

They both grew up buddies so close throughout the years

Even fought a war together to return amid the cheers

Each settled down and married, two girls from high school days

And families soon developed, with loving kids to raise

Though neither was related, one would never know

The kids would always holler “Hi Uncle Bill” “Hi Uncle Joe”

Firefighting beckoned, and they joined god’s chosen few

As their fathers did before them, it was like a dream come true

They each were pulling duty when the box came in at ten

A call for all equipment and just as many men

Arriving at the scene, the blaze was out of hand

Flames shot from every window, and Bill took full command

He reached the roof by ladder, with a hose line held in tow

When the structure fell from under, dropping him below

Joe ran through the rubble, carried out his fallen mate

The chief said sadly later “I’m sorry it was too late”

“I wasn’t too late, sir, tough bill’s life had but seconds to run.

For in those final moments, he managed to say…I knew you’d come”


Author: unknown