Fallen Brother

The fire tone rang...FIRE!
Adrenaline, excitement, the love of the challenge
Sirens wail and it comes into sight,
Flames and smoke rising into the night.
All geared up, ready to save, ready to fight.
Hose in hand - heads straight for the danger.
He kicked the door in - knew just what to do
The fire and smoke pouring out-
He tucked his head down and dove in.
They tried so hard to find him-
But the fire was just too strong-
We lost him in this round - the fire had won.
Chuck gave his life doing what he loved-
but way too young to die!
Our gentle giant is now at peace-
now to save lives he will use wings!
How to go on without him-
He touched so many lives-
But we know that only comes in time-
He's up there with his mamma now.
Smiling down on us - dimples and all!
Too young to go - we have to let go-
but we all miss and love him so!

In memory of Chuck with love, Beth.

Thank you

-Source unknown