Fire Station

Home of heroes,
Base of operations,
Light in the darkness of the blackest smoke,
Hiding place of equipment,
Creator of future heroes:

They tell me you are loud and unnecessary with your atomic bullfrog

 bellowing at all hours in some type of strange signal of codes.

And they tell me they donít need firemen; they are a waste of tax dollars.

But to them I ask tell me of another place you know of that comes to life when you are in need.

Tell me of another group who offers to help you twenty-four hours a day,

seven days a week three hundred six five days a year. Regardless of age, gender or race.

This station is a place where help can be found where work starts and stops at random regardless of the time,

weather conditions, the date or who you are.

Firemen who work at the station are like a band of rebels that stand tall against the


In the gates of Hell under a cover of smoke the firemen show courage in the face of danger.

Under a terrible burden of destiny,

with the courage to look death and danger in the face,
Firemen have the courage of a fighter who knows this battle could be his last,

also knowing he has not yet lost a battle.

Courage in his head, courage in his heart courage in everything he does.

Courage is all he knows courage is the life of a firefighter.

As he waits in his fire station for his tones to play and the next battle to begin.

The Fire station, home of heroes, base of operations, light in the darkness of the blackest smoke,

hiding place of equipment, creator of future heroes.

Author: Richard Labonte