Fire Explorers

As we get our gear on and climb into the mighty trucks
Sometimes when people see us
They wonder, "what is that kid doing in a fire truck"

But they don't think for a second "wow, there goes our future firefighter"
But no they thing "what is that kid doing in a fire truck".

You see we are not some useless kids that sit around.
We are as strong and mighty as our fellow brothers,
We fight as hard as our fellow brothers.

Even though we cant do much,
We still give it a shot.
Ask to do what are ability can do and follow through.

We ride to the scene's
And help with any means
When there is a call that we cant handle, we do our best.
No matter what the risk.

See Fire Explorers are not just kids.
They may be the future fire fighter or not,
They may be made in front of at school
They maybe not liked by fellow brothers.

But, still no matter what we give it our best.
When a flame is in the way we help to knock it down.
When a person is hurt, we help to cure the burn.

No matter what people say to us they can say what they want.
We know in our hearts that we are like the big brothers that we stand with side by side.
Going to calls stride by stride.

Author: Dan King