Heart of Courage.

Another day another call We're ready come what may
Hoping now to see our loved ones At the close of day
Towers stretching to the sky But something seems amiss
The fire and smoke incredible So early on as this
The situation seems surreal But not the task before
We lift the fallen and press on To reach the fire floor
As usual folks are running out While we are running in
Breathless climbing endless stairs To where the fight begins
Like brothers we confront the foe With ties that nothing severs
Our job description summed up in The little word spelled "others"
The building shudders neath our feet Our time on earth elapsing
Airways blare those solemn words "The tower is collapsing"
Yes something wasn't right that day For evils broth had spilled
As those who walk in darkness saw Their wicked plans fulfilled
But evil met its match in those Responding to the call
And terror ceded to the souls That freely gave their all
Though not all wore a uniform True colors they did show
Bravely facing death with friends And some they didn't know
For midst a sea of wrong that day Was something very right
It flourished in the fertile souls That stood against the night
Freedoms spirit magnified  In those who did their part
And showed the world there beat within A firefighter's heart


Submitted By:  John MacBean