The least you are due.

A Hero died today, he went by many names pleasant;

Hero, Savor, the one for whom you prayed.

Some Displeasing, Lazy, and slow,

He is also often asked, “Where the Hell were you?!”


So as he stands at the pearly gates.

Saint Peter ask “Why should you pass?”

A loving voice says from above “Let him pass.”


For he fought the Devil in his lair day by day.

He saved a many lives. When others cowered away.

Even though on his watch, many men has passed.

No mortal was up to the task.

But even so a hole in your soul, was made each day.

When you go home and are asked “How was your day”

You smile and say “A great day”

For one of such a kind heart could and would not trouble them in such a way.

So come here fireman and take a seat.

A spot at my right hand shall be your seat.

For rest now easy, no devil is left for you to fight,

No child you must go save.

So take a seat, and rest in peace.

This is the least you are due.


By Kind permission from Author Douglas Blasdell