The nameless Firefighter


becoming a firefighter has always been my dream

but the job is nothing like it seems

a firefighter is always the first one there

to help out another in despair

at the fire house listening for the alarm

prepared to save a person from harm

whether it be approaching a building on fire

telling the engineer to lift the ladder higher

or saving a child from a deadly fall

you can count on a firefighter to give it their all

from four - alarm fires to crushed vehicles

the firefighter almost always create miracles


three years ago i was near the light

but a brave firefighter helped me fight

on his way home he witnessed a car flip

it rolled and rolled till it landed in a dip

he pulled over to help because he is a kind man

unlike the others who just turned away and ran

he stayed by my side till the paramedics arrived

if it weren't for him i would have died

he went home and i never learned his name

he just wanted to help he didn't want fame

wherever he may be i want to say thank you

because of you i will make my dream come true


By Esther "mighty mouse" Rocha