The below info will be updated as and when new info comes about, if I'm wrong with the info please drop me a line.

                                             PCM = Parish Council Meetings. PC = Parish Council.          

Time Line leading to Centenary  

PC=Parish Council

Extracts from Parish Council Meetings

 03-06-1901   PC first talked about the purchase of Fire Appliances.

 01-07-1901   PC moved that a Committee be formed to consider obtaining Appliances, and to ascertain if a volunteer Brigade could be formed.

 07-10-1901   PC read a letter from Mess Shand, Mason & co. re: purchase of Fire Appliances.

 06-03-1905  The following report was submitted to Council, regarding Hydrants being placed at Evdine Place Kent Road – Kent House Kent Road – Formby Terrace – Almu Terrace Essex Road – the Vicarage Gate – Mr AJ. Brown’s shop Upper Halling – near Black Boy Inn – top of Monarch Hall Cottages all at estimated cost of £44.0.0 – also an Appliance at a cost of £36.0.0.

 17-04-1905   Unanimously resolved on the motion of Mr. Martin seconded by Mr. Wooden that a Fire Appliance Committee be formed.

 01-05-1905   Water Company to supply & fix eight additional Hydrants at the specified places for the sum of £48 [6-3-5]. PC accepted offer of Shand Mason & co. to supply Hose Cart, Fire Hose & other Appliances as per specification for the sum of £36.

 05-06-1905   Fire Appliance Committee submitted report to recommend the Council to make a partition in the west end of the Pavillion for storing the Hose Cart & Fire Appliances etc. est. cost of £10.

 05-07-1905   PC received tenders for cost of Pavillion alteration. Mr. EG. Brown £17.7.6 – Mr. E. Norman £16.5.0. Mr. Brown’s Tender was to be accepted.

 08-08-1905   The Clerk was instructed to post notices inviting applications of candidates for the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

 04-09-1905   Fire Appliance Committee inspected the Fire Station and the work was done satisfactory, The PC recommended to have words FIRE STATION written on the doors, also names of 2 places at which the keys will be kept.

 02-10-1905   Letter read to Mid Kent Water Co. dated September 27th that they were prepared to supply water for practising from the meter stand pipe on the £2 minimum that entitled the Council a supply of 20,000 gallons per annum plus £1 meter.

 06-11-1905   The following persons were officially appointed members of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

F C. Beadle [Lieutenant]– WH. Brigden – JW Jessop – J Knell – TJ Knight – G Mills – EA. Mitchell – G Pearson – W Percival – WW. Smith [Captain] – JW. Wallis – W. Wooden.

 14-11-1905   Purchased from Shand Mason & Co 12 Fireman’s leather belts/axes/cases & pocket lines, 6 hand lamps, 10 hoses with nozzle wrenches. Also obtained another lock with 12 keys.

                        Also obtained 15 copies of the National Fire Brigades Drill & Instruction Book.

The appointment of John Knell & JW. Wallis as Engineers and Mr. John Baker as a member of the Fire Brigade.

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 05-02-1906   Fire Brigade Committee submitted for enlargement of Pavillion by enclosing another bay. Also Council to obtain 65ft pole for drying hoses.

Mr. A Smith appointed as a Fire Brigade member. The Fire Brigade members erected pole without payment. Members also joined National Fire Brigade union. With an annual fee for the station of £1.1.0.

 26-03-1906   TJ. Knight resigned leaving Country.

 07-05-1906   Received undress Caps – Tunics – Trousers – Boots – 8 member badges.

Uniforms were tended by Shand Mason & Co. for a cost of £43.17.3. The Fire Appliance in the Fire Station was to be insured for £100.

R. Homewood appointed, as did O. Mitchell [Probationary]

 07-08-1906   Appointed Thomas Wraight and Henry Hyde [Probationers]

 03-09-1906   Captain Smith’s Fire Report

Called out 9.45 am Sunday august 12th. Fire at Townsend Hooks Snodland. Arrived within 25 minutes of the call. Nine men arriving with Cart and Appliance.

                        PC. Also obtained.

1 Lieutenant Tunic – 1 Lieutenant cap pattern N5 – 1 pair of brass double epaulettes for Captain – 1 pair of brass single epaulettes for Lieutenant – 1 only single epaulettes for each Engineer – 1 badge for Lieutenant 2 badges for Engineer – 1 badge for Honorary Sectary H.F.B – I officers whistle and chain.           

 05-11-1906   PCM proposed to reduce Firefighters down to 10 men

Sundries for station £2.11.11 – spanners & hose bandages £1.6.0

Pole for drying hoses £3.10.0.

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 04-05-1907   Firefighters asked PC for permission to attend Tournament at Snodland on Easter Monday

 06-05-1907   Firefighters asked PC for permission to attend Tournament at Gillingham on May 20th

 09-09-1907   New uniforms and hoses etc £36.15.0 – uniform badges £5.17.6

 07-10-1907   Thomas Wraight appointed [Fireman] after resignation of A. Smith ¹

 06-01-1908   J. Goodwin appointed as Probationer

 03-02-1908   PCM accepted proposal to supply Firefighters with Helmets

 02-03-1908   Henry Hyde appointed Fireman after W. Percival¹ resigned

PC gave permission for the Firefighters to attend the Tournament in Snodland. Maroons also purchased. For supply of 11 fireman’s brass helmets & 1 Chief Officers white metal helmet from Shand Mason & Co £7.17.0

 04-08-1908   Captain WW. Smith resigned due to leaving district.

Lieutenant Beadle to Captain

1st Engineer JW. Wallis¹ to Lieutenant

2nd Engineer John Knell¹ to 1st Engineer

Fireman Brigden¹ to 2nd Engineer

Probationer J. Goodwin to Fireman

 05-10-1908   Purchased 750ft of canvas hose £22.9.0          

 05-11-1908   Ordered new tunic for Captain Beadle [£2.8.0] arrived 1st March 1909. PC also granted Firemen permission to attend Church Parade at Snodland.

 04-01-1909   J Goodwin resigned & left country. Ebenezer Brown appointed [Probationer]

 03-04-1909   Replaced fire boots for WW. Thomas¹£0.7.10

 03-05-1909   George Pearson & George Dyke are appointed as probationers

Permission is granted from PC for the Fire Service to attend a Tournament of the South Eastern section of the National Fire Brigade union at Tonbridge

 17-06-1909   Henry Hyde resigned, George Pearson became Fireman

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 03-04-1910   New boots for WW Thomas £1.8.0

 14-05-1910   WH. Brigden resigned H. Wooden¹ became 2nd Engineer. George Dyke became Fireman, Louis Taylor & Henry Gorman is appointed 1st & 2nd Probationers. Permission is granted by the PC for the Fire Brigade to attend a Tournament at Margate on Sunday.

 03-05-1910   PC Congratulates Fire Brigade on success of the Tournament at Snodland.

 02-11-1910    *********** W Roots left Halling.  ***************

 00-03-1911   Repaired boots for WW. Thomas £0.4.0

 11-06-1911   Fire at Great Buckland, an Elizabethan half-timbered farm house was attended by Halling Fire Brigade. But because of poor water supply were unable to put the fire out.

 02-07-1911   Discussed purchase of Fire Escape with 40ft ladder for £60. Actually received Appliance 14-3-13

 07-07-1911   Ernest Board appointed new Probationer

 14-07-1911   John Knell is dismissed from Brigade

 08-09-1911   New boots for WC. Butt £19.6.0

 14-09-1911   Dulan* new trousers and cap £14.8.0 surname to be checked also first name required

 07-11-1911   After John Knell was dismissed 2nd Engineer H Wooden became 1st Engineer – Fireman John Baker became 2nd Engineer and Louis Taylor became Fireman.

 07-05-1912   PC had discussion on purchase of a Fire Escape.

 02-07-1912   Purchased of Fire Escape from Messrs Bailey’s Ltd. For £50 cleanview type

 06-08-1912   Purchase of two lamps £2.2.0 for Fire Escape

 17-03-1913   Fire Escape finally arrived.

 15-04-1913   Enlargement of Fire Station for the purpose of storing Fire Escape & suggestion of another shelter, this matter was referred to the Recreation Ground Committee.

 06-05-1913   Tenders for extension of existing Fire Station was accepted from E & NG. Brown £14.8.0 about using whole of Pavillion.

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 02-02-1915   R. Homewood & O. Mitchell dismissed from Brigade for lack of Drills from June last.

 07-07-1915   Frederick Blackman, Charles Mayett, William Speres, Ernest Velpuma are appointed new Probationers.

 03-05-1916   W.G Brown became a Probationer and a cap was ordered for E. J. Velpuma.

 01-11-1916   Council received a letter from the National Fire Service dated 28th October stating exemptions from Military Service of part-time Firemen, and that the case of each man must be judged on its merit’s.

 15-07-1919   Fire Committee recommends to the Parish Council that 6 Long Service Medals be purchased, and 3 x 50 ft of Fire Hose from F. Reddway & Co Ltd.

 19-04-1920   Council are considering taking the necessary steps to obtaining new uniforms for certain members of the Fire Brigade.

                        7 tunics – 8 trouser plus 1 cap for each member.

                        Station officers tunic cloth pattern @ £3.18.9 each

                        Station officers trouser cloth pattern @ £2.3.9 pair

                        Fireman’s tunic cloth pattern @ £3.18.9 each

                        Fireman’s trousers cloth pattern @ £3.18.9 pair

                        1 Chief officer’s cap @ 15|-

 18-04-1921   Council ordered six maroons

 08-10-1921   At the Fire Brigade Committee meeting decided that W Wooden and Cecil Butten be appointed as Firemen.

 13-03-1922   Six Bronze bars have been purchased by the council at a cost of Nine Shillings.

 12-06-1922   The Fire Brigade recommended to the Council that the Fire Station be repainted two coats of purple and brown paint and all doors in Vermillion, letters of Fire Station repainted and gutters etc.

                        Philip Jennings of no 3 Nephalist Villas Halling offered his service as a Volunteer Fireman, the Council approved this.

 10-07-1922   Mr E Norman was accepted to do all re-decorating to be completed from a month of this date at a cost of £14.11.00.

 08-05-1923   The Council received a sum of 6|- for a week Hire of the Fire Escape from E & W G Brown.

 10-07-1923   A letter was received from Mr J W Wallis dated 8th stating he wished to resign from the Brigade and the Council accepted this.

 10-08-1923   J Baker was appointed Lieutenant as J W Wallis resigned

                        E Mitchell up to 2nd Engineer

                        H Wooden became a member of the Committee.

                        E. G Burgess, J Campana & A Startup were appointed Firemen. Richard Wooden & F Wraight became Probationers.12 collar stars & 8 pairs of epaulettes were purchased & Mr J W Wallis handed in his uniform.

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 10-11-1924   Richard Wooden would be appointed Fireman in the place of J Campana.

 14-07-1925   John Chitterden appointed Fireman

                        Fred Lambert appointed Probationer

                        10 peak caps also purchased.

 10-10-1925   E Board resigned so F Lambert was appointed Fireman

 09-02-1926   Purchased 4 20 year and 1 10 year service medals.

                        W Shephard from Hilton Terrace appointed Probationer

 09-08-1926   W Shephard appointed Fireman

                        W Wooden appointed Probationer

 09-04-1929   M W Mailin became a Fireman member

 14-05-1929   E J Velpuma & Mr W Shephard resigned from the Fire Brigade

  09-10-1929  Trial run of a second hand Austin 20Hp Laudaulette Reg KE 3315 and purchased for £45.

  12-08-1930  Mr Lingham purchased old escape for the price of £5

                        Mr Arthur Morrison as new Probationer.

                        Purchased Ladder 32ft two sections for £6.4.9

  10-02-1931  25 year service F C Beadle Chief Officer – J Baker Lieutenant – W Wooden, E Mitchell Engineers. More maroons ordered

  12-05-1931  H Wooden resigned after nearly 26 years service

  13-10-1931  Appointments E Mitchell to 1st Engineer

                        F Wraight to 2nd Engineer

                        Bert Mills of Vicarage Road and Sidney Mitchell of Formby Terrace as Probationer.

                        The Council also congratulates the Fire Brigade on winning 4 out of 5 Trophies in the competitions held at Aylesford on the 29th August.

  08-03-1932  Thomas Wraight completed 25 years service

  03-08-1932  Philip Jennings completed 10 years service

  11-10-1932  A Startup & Fred Lambert resigned. Sidney Mitchell appointed as Fireman & F Hayes  & G Forwood as Probationers. 2nd Engineer T Wraight completed 26 years service

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  11-04-1933  Council granted permission to allow the Fire Brigade to take part in the competitions at Boxley on whit Monday.

  10-10-1933  Proposed to add a new Fire Station on the Recreation Ground.

  10-07-1934  Alteration to the Station entrance at a cost of £11.17.4

  13-10-1936  Halling Fire Brigade attended Townsend Hooks Paper Mill Fire.

  03-08-1937  H Heighes as a Probationer as Mr G Forwood resigned leaving Parish.

             1938   With war looming the government made provisions for the recruitment of Volunteers to form an Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS).

  26-04-1938  F C Beadle retired as Chief Officer after 33 years service. H A Wooden to be appointed as new Chief Officer

  08-05-1938  H A Wooden accepted as Chief Officer. C Chandler new Probationer. The following Firemen were to be placed on a reserve list Messrs Baker, Wraight & Mitchell.J Chitterden appointed second Officer.

  05-07-1938  Fireman Davis of Cuxton’s Brigade to be transferred to Halling Fire Brigade. Probationer C Chandler appointed Fireman.

P Jennings has resigned.

                        Quote for a telephone to be installed at the Fire Station.

  05-11-1938  PC considering an erection of Fire Station

  13-03-1939  New Fire Appliance

  16-02-1939  Proposed site for Fire Station [Vicarage Road]

Land acquired from Mr S. Alexander clerk for the sum of £200.0.0. he resided at Manor House lower Halling [16-12-38]

  15-03-1939  £230.0.0. Paid for the purchase of land for the Fire Station.

£2,477.0.0. For erection of Halling & Hoo Fire Stations. The tender went to a Mr Norman West of Commercial Road Strood (builder).

The cost of erection Halling was £1,197.0.0. The contractor was given 12 weeks to complete the building. The tenders ranged from

£1,197 min to £3,164 max an average of £1,300.

Just some of the costs

Hose racks provided and fitted £14.15.0.

Boot racks                                           £8.8.0

Drill £ hose drying tower                       £28.0.0

Fascia sign 12” letters                           £2.10.0

  00-00-1939  Frank Albert Mitchell joined but this needs to be confirmed

  18-06-1939  Long service medals presented to Messrs Richard Wooden, Harry Martin, F C Beadle, J Baker, T Wraight, P Jennings & H Martin.

      -09-1939  When hostilities had commenced there was almost 1000,000 people that had been recruited into the AFS nationwide.

            1939   Bedford Leyland Heavy Unit FLE276 KFB Fleet 143 this was used at full time station but not sure where.

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 07-05-1940   The Chief Officer submitted application for a demonstration in Firefighting and invited members of the Council to attend

 07-1019-41   H A Wooden has been offered an appointment as a Div Fire Officer in the newly formed National Fire Service.

 18-08-1941   The National Fire Service was formed, this incorporated all the regular Brigades and the AFS.

 10-11-1942   New NFS meeting took place.

            1942   Halling became Region 12 and Fire Force 30 {30B3X}

 02-06-1943   Letter to PC of proposed alterations to Fire Station (plans included) these included Section Leaders room & sleeping quarters for Female personnel.

            1944   30A3U

 30-10-1944  There were plans brought to the Parish attention to close Halling Fire Station and to remove the 3 full time Firefighters.

            1946   Roy Groves no other records

            194?   Leonard Heighes joined but no other records

            1946   Ted Wells joined Halling for 5 years left in 1951

 31-07-1947   The Fire Services Act 1947 received Royal Assent.

            1947   30B2 and according to NFS files a MP

 01-04-1948   This is the date that became the Kent Fire Brigade.

            1949    In 1949 NFS went back to the AFS until it was disbanded in 1968

 23-05-1949   PC gave a fence that was laying on the allotments to the Fire Brigade as a gift

 24-04-1950   Fire Officer Hearn explained to the PC details of a planned visit by a Fire Service mobile unit giving residents some info on Fire Service activities & asking PC for permission to be allowed on the Recreation Grounds.

     -06-1950   Fire Service uses the marshes for practice purposes & using water from the ditches.

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            1952   Trevor Mitchell was in for 2 years he left in 1954 he has been our only mascot

            1954   Commer 21A Whitson NKK340 Fleet 219 Wrt acquired from Strood

 28-02-1954   Frank Albert Mitchell retired after 15 years service

     -03-1955   S Knott stayed for a year and left in November 1956

     -03-1955   Arthur Stevens was here for 4 years and left in May 1959

     -03-1957   Colin Whibley stayed for just 2 months

     -05-1957   Tony Thistlewaite joined but left November 1958

     -05-1957   Ron Rookes joined as a Firefighter and left in April 1977 he did 20years service and was made a Sub/o

     -04-1958   Brian Plummer was appointed as a Firefighter and stayed for 4 years and left in march 1962

     -05-1958   Barry Bachelor joined but left within 3 years but made the rank of LFf

     -05-1958   Percy Morris joined in May retired in November 1979 he made the rank of Sub/o

     -12-1958   Tommy Vinton joined us but left in March 1960

 00-07-1959   The 1947 Fire Service Act was amended

     -07-1959   D Banfield was with us for only 2 months he left the same year in September

     -11-1959   Peter Stevens joined and stayed for 9 years leaving in September 1968

 25-04-1960   On the Parish notice boards are posters inviting persons, individually or collectively to undertake the demolition of the Old Fire Station building in return for the timber thereof. The tender went to Mr. EJ Whibley of 20 Essex Road for the sum of £10 and to be done by 31st July 1960

 00-00-1960   Sub/O Harry Hearn and other Firefighters competed in pump drills and gained second prize the other members were Barry Chandler, Ron Rooks, David Bachelor, Percy Morris and Peter Stevens.

     -05-1960   Kenny Underdown left in June 1963 he did 3 years for us

     -11-1960   John Hanchett came to us for 2 years and left July 1962

 24-07-1961   Mr. Hearn attended the PC meeting as part of a team to discuss a road & safety quiz competition for the Village (Mr. Tomlin represented the new town social club)

     -02-1962   Fred Temple joined and was a Sub/O when he left in October 1986

 26-03-1962   Mr. H L Hearn retired from the Fire Service.

     -04-1962   Barry Chandler joined and was with us for 6 years he left in March 1968

 28-01-1963   Reported to the PC meeting that the warning bells in Fire Station personnel’s homes was causing TV interference. And not by the sirens as previously thought. The Post Office telephone department to attend to this matter.

     -04-1963   Barry Kingslow joined for 4 years and left in April 1967

     -06-1964   Ray Startup came to us for 12 years service he left June 1976

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  1948-1966    Chief Fire Officer LT CDR J H Fordham

     -10-1966   F D Butt joined for 2 years and left in September 1968

     -02-1968   Ron Luther joined he was a LFf when he retired from the station in December 1986 after 18 years

            1968    Commer CAKS K2 HCB Angus MKR466F Fleet 285 Wrt

     -02-1969   Barry Wadhams joined for 9 years then left in February 1978

     -06-1969   David Hitchcock only stayed a few months he left September the same year

     -10-1969   Trevor Martin became a Fire Fighter and left in June 1977

 01-12-1969   Chris Harris joined he is now our Sub/O and the longest serving retained Firefighter at this moment

  1966-1977    Chief Fire Officer W Babbington

     -06-1970    Jackie Norman stayed for ten years he left in August 1980

     -05-1971   Gerald Miller was with us until August 1995

     -05-1971   Ian Mclaughlan joined and left in August 1974

     -06-1971   John Hooker joined but for 4 months he left in October of the same year

            1973    Halling attended a large barn blaze in Snodland

 01-04-1974   The Government re-organisation greatly reduced 147 Brigades of the country down to under 70.

 01-07-1974   Phil Tomlins became a Firefighter was also made up to LFf

 08-10-1975   Halling attended a large barn blaze at court farm Upper Halling.

     -12-1976   Martin Goodwright joined but left in October-1984

     -07-1977   Mick Wray was a Firefighter for 3 years and left in September-1980

 29-04-1978   Mick Palmer joined he became a LFf and in April 2002 retired after 24 years

 19-04-1978   Ray Parson joined and all his time hear he never did Breathing ApparatuS, lucky blighter he retired from us in July-1991

 00-00-1978   Charity home made Fire Engine pull from Canterbury to Halling 35 miles & raised more than £500 for the FSNBF

 25-06-1978   Dave Luther joined he stayed for 27 years and left in January-2005

 00-09-1979   Another charity pull & push but this time with a 1880 Horse Drawn Fire Engine & without the Horse from Rainham to Halling 18 miles and raised £470 towards the FSNBF.

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     -10-1980   Brian Dallas joined and left in August 8 years later

     -12-1980   Colin Fox joined for only 2 years and left April-1982

            1981   Dennis D Jaguar WKJ883J Fleet 172 Wrt acquired from Maidstone

     -08-1982   David Davis was with us for only 2 years and left in October-1984

 23-09-1983   A Charity pull using the Horse Drawn Carriage this time from Faversham and raised £500 for the FSNBF

 31-08-1983   Gerry Robinson joined and was with us for 17 years and retired in February 2000

  1977-1984   Chief Fire Officer R Doyle

  1984-1988   Chief Fire Officer G Whitworth

 03-04-1984   Local wood yard MCL Major Fire attended by Halling

     -07-1984   Kevin Parris joined but left after 10 months but came back again and was made up to LFf on 28-February-2005

 26-09-1984   Daryl Palmer joined us as a Junior.                      

 01-12-1985   Kevin Yates was a member of the station but left after 11 years service 01-December-1996

            1986   Dennis RS133 TKM493X fleet 292 Wrt acquired from Faversham

            1986   One of the first Community Fire Safety Campaigns Halling was given 10 smoke detectors from Kent Fire Brigade to distribute throughout the Village; one of those families that received the detector was a 2 year old who contacted a rare strain of Meningitis.

 18-06-1986   Dave Skinner joined the station and on the 24-june-2003 was made up to the rank of LFf and on the 01-May-2004 he left the station and emigrated to New Zealand

 25-05-1987   Five members of the Station including the Lff’s son took part in the Kent Fire Run. The run was a relay to every station in Kent, and Halling members ran from their station to Strood, the members were Martin Goodwright, Dave Luther, Phil Tomlins, Kevin Yates, Kevin Parris, and Phil’s son Paul

 12-12-1987    Dave Hawkes joined the Station

            1988    Tragedy strikes Halling when a little girl dies in her blazing home along the High Street. Fire Fighters unable to save her.

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     -07-1990   Colin Hill became a Firefighter but moved out of the area and left on the 04-July-1996

 08-08-1990   Sarah Forman joined as a junior and left the Fire Station in February 1992

 06-09-1990   Halling open day a great success with the Air Ambulance attending

            1990   Halling attend Strood’s open day but was called out to a Road Traffic Accident

 19-06-1993   Barry Scholfield joined as a junior and left in 01-October-1994

 17-04-1993   Nigel Trowel joined and left in 01-September-1993

 09-10-1993   Simon Farrell joined and left the Station on 01-September-2000 in that time he passed the Lff’s exam but wasn’t made up 

 04-12-1993  Gary Ware became a Firefighter left on the 01-October 2004 moved out of the area

     -02-1994   M McMillan joined as a junior but left in October 1994

     -03-1994   Steve Vanner joined left in June 1995 moved out of area

 26-11-1994   Danny Sneddon became a Firefighter and left in 2000

 04-02-1995   Mark Tickner joined and was made up to an LFf about 2003

 31-03-1995   Phil Tomlins long service award

           1996    Dennis SS 133 B789VKM Fleet 216Wrt acquired from Teynham

 12-04-1997  Steve Brooks joined

           1998    Mick Palmer celebrated his long service award (20years)

           1998    Dave Luther celebrated his twenty year service and medal presentation

           1999    Dennis SS239 HCB Angus K823SKE Fleet 223 Wrt acquired from Sheppey

           1999    Ff Kevin Parris started a portfolio on the history of Halling Fire Station

 15-09-1999   Paul Sycamore joined and left in July 2002

  1988-2000   Chief Fire Officer J Beech

 09-03-2000   Kerry Mitchell joined but left in April 2002 and became a full time Firefighter

2000present  Chief Fire Officer P Coombs

           2000    Damien Phillips became our latest Junior Firefighter

     2000    Panto Cinderella

up to top

     2001    visits Halling Primary School Fire Safety

     2001    Web Site of Halling Firefighters made its debut on the World Wide Web

 06-05-2001  Helen Shephard new Firefighter

           2001    Phil Tomlins retired after 27 years service

           2002    Mick Palmer’s retirement do.

           2002    Website Hallingfirefighters.co.uk was born

           2002    Volvo FL6.12 Saxon reg. GK02GNX Fleet 283 Wrt

13-11-2002    Kent Fire Brigade went on strike along with all other County Brigades these were 48hrs 8day 24hr and 2 more 48 hr strikes.

     2002    Panto Aladdin

     2003    In October Kent Fire Brigade became the Kent Fire and Rescue Service

00-05-2004   Started to organise our Centenary for the following year, Kevin was elected as Centenary co-ordinator.

 16-10-2004  Mark Burren new Firefighter

     -11-2004   Robert Harris joined but left within a month Dec 2004

 01-11-2004  Michael Daveney new Firefighter

     2004   Panto Dick Whittington

 28-02-2005  Ff Kevin Parris was made up to LFf

18-08-2005   Leading Firefighter Kevin Parris and Firefighter Daryl Palmer attended the Halling Historical Society and gave a presentation on 100 years of Halling Fire Station. Received from Mrs Hesketh at the presentation 3 old photo’s of Firefighters from Halling including 1 of her father Owen Mitchell all 3 of these photo’s was on postcard.

27-08-2005  Halling Fire Station celebrated 100 years of Firefighting. It was opened by the DCFO Charlie Hendry. And on this day they had a large selection of old Appliance’s, a wide selection of stalls, chip pan demo, dance and boxing displays, tug ‘o’ war, music and a beer tent all day and into the evening ending with a firework display around 2200 hrs, during the day there was raised in excess of £1200. For the FSNBF and other local charities which will be decided later.

02-09-2005  The Chief Fire Officer P Coombs came to the station along with other officers and guest for the celebration of Firefighter Daryl Palmer’s 20yr long service award.

 lots of info missing.

but here's the latest.

November 2011 Ff Hermish has left to join London Firefighters.

28-12-11 Ff's Reeve and Burren have left us.

Mid January 2012, after public consultation, Halling Fire Brigade will be 1 off 8 to face closure. mid February will be the final decision for the fate of Halling Fire Brigade. for those that stay on will have to have a 20 minute turn out to Larkfield Fire Station, maybe 1 or 2 will move out of the area, same amount will proberly take redundancy.

11-02-12 CM Parris took early redundancy, unable to commit to KFRS and full time job.

31-02-2012 Halling Fire Station closes after 107 years after serving Kent Fire Service and Community. pics to follow soon. a sad day for all.

Check out Closure of Fire Station for more info.

 31-02-12 WM Tickner, Ff Palmer left. Ff Day working with Grain Fire Station. CM Hawkes and Ff's Brooks, Shephard, Head, Daveney, Keane and Tucker working out from Larkfield Fire Station on a 20min turn out.

31-03-12 In Evening all Halling Firefighters went out for their last supper,



  NOTES: -   Annual report of Brigade to PC.

                      Fire Force Commander at time was GH. Robinson NFS January 1942.

                      Mr Ashby offered land at £3 per foot, this land was situated at Halling Bottom opposite railway station, land immediately adjoins newsagent.


Information from City Ark. Medway.

Search results p165-pc-halling parish council     Minute’s books etc.

WW I   14-18

WW II  39-45

AFS      1938 until disbanded in 1968 BUT see NFS below

NFS      1941 until 1948

KFB     1948 Jan

KFRS   2003 Oct 

During the war apparently the NFS listed Halling with a ToV and trailer pump which may have been our first pump {at the coronation}

¹ When did these join 


      NFS = with crown

Pre AFS = no crown

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