A Firefighters Tears

Today I am sad. I wish I knew why.
But, all I can do is sit here and cry.
As I looked at a book, I remembered that day
when the world stood still, and the sky turned gray.
I looked at the faces of all that were lost;
all the innocent lives, all the tears that it cost.
They were doing their job, they trusted their fears;
they climbed to the top, with all of their peers.
The load that they carried, Weighed nothing at all.
Their hearts were their strength; they answered their call.
So many stood watch as the fires raged on,
And in the blink of an eye, those buildings were gone.
With them they took, the lives of those men
who never gave up, they never gave in.
With helmet in hand, I lowered my head
for my fallen brothers, for those that were dead.
One thing I learned, Hold your head high,
donít ever stop climbing, and it's ok to cry.
I'm hurt and I'm scared, and sometimes I'm mad,
But, most of all, Today I am just sad.

Author: Becki Barr, California Dept of Forestry
Submitted by: Jackie Kirkley, Becki's Mother