A Heated Light


A glow of orange and yellow heated light, with tints of purple and blue with-in it, bursts through the window, knocking the glass out of the way. Doing anything to get oxygen. It has to breathe just like us, but this heated light is very dangerous. It would be impossible for a single human being to control such a heated light like this. Its furious. There is smoke flowing from it like a steam powered engine. There are more lights. These flashing red, a sign of help. Loud sounds fill the entire area and can be heard from miles away. The heated light gets scared. It starts sucking in as much air as possible to keep going. You can hear it breathing, a high pitched squealing sound. Its raging out of control, it cant be stopped, its pushing everything in its path out of the way. Its the one in control. The only thing left to do is to watch the helpless building burn to ashes to the ground. Straight streams of water hit this heated light creating beautiful rainbows in the smoke filled sky. The streams of water have done everything they can, and everything in the power of the firefighters holding the hoses, to keep it from getting hotter. They are done trying to help. The streams disappear and the rainbows vanish. Then there is Rain, a flood of tears coming from the clouds over-head. The firefighters feel as though they have failed, but they have learned a valuable lesson. Its impossible to overpower human nature. God creates all human nature and there is NO MAN more powerful than the almighty God. Whether we win or lose and let the fire get the best of us is ultimately His decision.

 By: Lil' Twigg