A life


You climbed the ladder, not for a dare,

You climbed the ladder to search for me there,

Not by yourself, your brothers and sisters all came,

To search and find me as the flames on you rained.

We made it out to the ladder, and then something went wrong,

You thought you heard something and went back, then you were gone, your brothers and sisters carried me down to the ground,

I tried to look for you, but inside I knew you were no longer around

When the smoke and flames gave up,

They said that they found you by the number on your hat,

Seemed that the sound that took you,

The life you tried to save, was blazes, my cat

I will never forget you Mr. Firefighter for someone I loved,

It was your life you gave.

Iím going to be a firefighter when I grow up

And Iíll get another cat and you know what, Iím going to name him blaze.

Then when I have to rescue someone, Iíll remember you before I start,

For saving lives wasnít just a job for you.

Itís what was in you personally Right there in your heart


Author: Lauren J. Wynn