A Brave Firefighter

Many people now tell me “You are a brave man. The Darkness, the smoke, the flames they do not frighten you.”

What they say is not always true sometimes they all make me afraid.

But not so afraid that I shirk my duty for that is what truly petrifies me.

That there may be one time, one place where I did not do my best, where there was a chance, a glimmer of hope that I did not see... that I missed.

That is something that I cannot, nay, will not bear the thought of because I have those that I love... as do you.

And in all those you love I see those that I love. I swear on my very life that I will lay down my life for them.

If in your eyes that makes me brave so be it and thank you.

But if that makes me brave... I am not alone.

My brother firefighters are with me so you do not have to be afraid.


Author: Bobby Hunt, Victoria Fire Department, Victoria, Texas