A Fire Run

When the tones go off in the middle of the night,

You respond to the station full of fright.

Not knowing exactly what you are going to,

You know that you have a job to do.

You get geared-up and ready to go,

Dispatch says: "Flames are starting to show".

Your heart beats fast as you are in route,

Not knowing if everyone got out.

Once on scene you make your plan,

Accounting for every woman, child and man.

One team goes in to search each room,

As another team shoots water on the fiery tomb.

A firefighter appears through the thick, black smoke,

A child in his arms and a heart that is broke.

An E.M.T. takes over the child's care,

The firefighter saved a life, but was unaware.

The fire was extinguished and the hose all rolled,

"The child's okay", the firefighter was told.

As tears of joy rolled down his cheek,

The firefighter found it hard to speak.

"A voice told me where to go and where to turn,

Because God didn't want that child to burn".

When you get back home from a run,

Thank God for all that he has done!

~Toby L. Russell~

~March 19th, 2006~