A Firefighter's Mom

From the time I was born
she knew I was special
And with a gleam in her eye
she would tell me
"You're different from the rest.
You‚re better than the best".
As I looked up at her
with adoration in my five year old eyes
I told her
"I'm going to be a firefighter, Mom".

Many years later, many years older,
she would call after me
as I rushed out of the house
"You're the best at what you do
But please be safe, I don't want to lose you".
As I got into my car to race to the station
I would turn to scold her
"I'm a firefighter, Mom".

She was always worried.
She would always pray.
And one night, I over heard her say,
"Dear God, watch over my firefighter child.
There's nothing I can do.
I cannot protect him(her) like you.
For I am just a firefighter's Mom".

As I sit at her grave
I can't help but remember the person that she was.
She was patient, she was kind
and she was proud of me.
And as I look into the heavens,
I whisper to her,
"You were different from the rest,
Better than the best.
You were the best at what you did.
A I didn't want to lose you.
God is watching over you.
There is nothing I can do".

And then I whisper to God,
"Dear God, watch over my Mom.
There's nothing I can do.
I cannot protect her like you.
You see, she was different from the rest.
She was better than the best.
She was the best at what she did.
I didn't want to lose her.
She was a firefighter's Mom".

Wendy Norris
President, Firefighter Ministries
Chairman, State Fire Marshal's LODD Task Force, Benefits Division
'Protecting & promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of
emergency service workers.'