A Little Boy’s dream


A little boy’s dream to be just like his dad

Is how it all began for this handsome lad?

He got his first fire truck at the tender age of one,

And hardly a day goes by without making at least one run.

All geared up to answer the call, wearing just a diaper and fire hat

‘Cause someone needs him that’s all.

With play sirens blaring and the dog running away,

His response time is good-as a fireman can’t delay.

For there are damsels in distress and cats to rescue from trees,

He’ll soon find out his job is to “please”.

The call was a false one-no need for alarm, unless of course there is no justice,

Then someone could see some harm.

He has that fireman’s flare-you can see in his eyes,

For when real fire trucks respond close by, his face lights up with surprise!

“My daddy” is what he says as he points to the trucks when they go by,

Little does he know that daddy once felt the exact same way...but never questioned why.

His dad was called to duty to save lives at an early age as well;

He’ll no doubt follow in his dad’s footsteps and serve as protector in the same hell.

So if it’s his dream to be just like his dad, I can live with that I suppose.

Because lesser men have been called to the challenge, but a seldom few have arose.

So, I ask a fireman’s wife, and now momma of a fireman to be, God,

Please be with them both and bring them back to me.


Written by: Allison Catron September 4, 2ooo.