A long time ago


The joy and the laughter

The glad times the tears

And the sorrows and the sad times

We faced them together

But always knew, whatever the problem

We’d both see it through

The songs and the dancing

So care free

You made me so proud you were with me

The laughter of children

How we loved them so

In those days a long time ago

With friends and with loved ones around us

The secret of living had found us

We wondered in summer when days were gold

In winter by the fire light what stories were told?

The photograph albums we see when

They tell us how things used to be then

And everything seems like a yesterdays dream

And not such a long time ago

And now with each tomorrow before us

With wonderful things waiting for us

Were closer than ever

And loves lead the way

The world keeps on turning

There’s no time for yearning

For those days a long time ago