A proud son

Motherís day is a couple days away

My momís a firefighter,

Not an easy task, you say

She goes to the fire as other motherís wave

Proud to say she has firefighter ways

Jumps from dinner and in the middle of the night

A race to the door.

To fight fire with your mother

A sonís delight

Age 53 she joined and trained

Attended classes with kids her sonís age

Climbing and cutting and learning new things

She turns 60 this year with a devoted heart

To fighting fire or comforting a broken heart

When asked how my mom feels me fighting fire I say

My momís a firefighter

And sheís here today

Thatís her over there on that nozzle you see

Sheís a firefighter

Then I usually hear

ďHow do you feel fighting fire with your motherĒ

My reply the same

ď A Proud Son, Iím proud to sayĒ


By Ken Bailey Asst. Chief