A poem by firefighter Carleen Cochran

Next to the big fire truck I stood

My throat was scratchy, my legs felt like wood

I knew in my heart someday Id sit up in that cab

Right up there with the firefighters and my dad

Yup, Im a firefighters kid I am I am

And someday theyll call me firefighter mam

Im going to grow up and be just like my dad

Grow up and ride in that big yellow cab

Ill get up in the middle of the night, just like dad, to the tone

Rush out the door; let out a loud groan

Then rush back to the room to put on clothes I forgot

And out to the truck, my heart racing, my stomach in a knot

Then Id stop and look up to the house and wave

To my kid standing in the doorway telling me to be



  This poem was written by firefighter carleen Cochran in admiration of her father fire chief tom Stevens. Tom is indeed very proud of his daughter and would like to share this poem with others in the fire fighting profession.

If you would like to compliment him, tom can be found at the following address