All gave some


All gave some. Some gave all. All chose to fight.

None chose to fall

The little red box by the bed screams.

And tells you of a fire you’ve seen only in you’re dreams

“Mutual aid” “firefighter down”

You’re ready to go but you only frown

You get on the truck

You’re heart is racing

You’re almost afraid

Of what you’ll be facing

As you go on location

You are stopped in you’re tracks

Firefighter’s friends of yours

Being carried out on their backs

You pray for you’re comrades

Just hoping they don’t die

Not even in the fire yet

You feel the tears in you’re eye

The fire is out

The residents are grateful

But towards the beast you will always be hateful

You’re comrades survive

Hip hip hooray

We all thank god for this wonderful day

But amidst this day there is a sadness

A sadness that soon turns to madness…for

All gave some. Some gave all. All chose to fight

NONE… chose to fall

Author Bryan Klemme

Volunteer fire fighter with forest bend volunteer fire dept.