Baby I'm Home

His pager sounds, he kisses me, then he walks away.
In that very moment, my mind goes in disarray.
I sit around in the silence & around the phone, I roam.
I wait patiently for the text that says, "baby I'm home."
My mind begins to wander, now "is it a fire, car collision, or a sudden death?"
Sometimes I get so nervous I need to catch my breath.
I wonder how he feels & if he is alright.
But I'll always be there for him to talk to, when the time is right.
I'm aware of the dangers he puts upon his life.
But never will I ever second guess becoming his wife.
His life consists of "stand-by" each & everyday,
& mine consists of making sure I remember just to pray.
It's 2:50 in the morning & I can't seem to rest,
because the thing I value most is beating in his chest.
I often fear if it's his soul to take,
but with all the love I have for him, my faith will never shake.
When he gets onto the truck, his life is in the hands of God,
& a sense of calmness is what I tack on my facade.
Many emotions come forth & they all become combined.
He is simply a hero, I know that in my mind.
So here I sit in the dark with more worrying thoughts to roam,
but I know I'll rest when that text reads, "baby I'm home."

Katie Fitzgerald, June 11, 2011