Brother Lost

I look to my left and I see you by my side
I know you will always be there when I need a guide
The fear is intense and I feel my heart pound
I feel a shake and hear a dreadful sound
I grab our patient with our equipment on my side
You dive onto another his body you try to hide
I run for the door thinking you would soon be in toe
I wait what seems an eternity but you never show
I see a familiar face, a medic from another part of town
I gave him my patient and said, "We have a man down"
I run through the dust and rubble, my mind telling me the worst
What will I do if I have to put you in that hearse
I call your name hoping to hear you shout
I am over here brother please help get me out
I look to my right and see a familiar sight
A baby blue shirt and a patch that says "Forever we will Fight"
I run to you never breaking stride
My breaking heart and the tears I try to hide
I knelt down by you I hear you say your last words as you let go of life
"With you protecting hand Dear Lord, Bless my children and my Wife"
I take you in my arms, I cry so hard I almost smother
I have lost my partner and a brother
I know when you get to heaven dear brother, to St. Peter you will tell
One more Medic reporting for duty sir, I have served my time in hell

*In loving memory of Bryan Abshire*
I miss you brother

- Lenya Toney-