Chasing flames and saving lives is a firefighter’s thrill

And I’ll do this job, the best I can, with the lords will.

But even though I love the flames, the excitement, and the roar

There’s someone waiting back there for me, that I love much more.


Cinders is my pet name for her, she is the love of my life

My best friend, my soul mate, soon I hope she will be my wife.

She understands the job I do, but god she hates it so

I hear her cries, and see her tears, each time I have to go.


As I race to the fire, to battle the beast, I wonder how she is

And pray to god, to let me return, to feel her tender kiss.

I know she won’t sleep, she worries about me, her heart is filled with strife

She wonders why I must leave her, to go off and risk my life.


She would only have to say the word and I would walk away

And never fight another fire, or keep the beast at bay.

But I know that’s something she’ll never do, she loves the man I am

She’s proud of me for the lives I save and how I lend a helping hand.


So though someday, the lord may say, this job will take my life

And I must leave this happiness, of Cinders as my wife.

Deep down inside I truly doubt that she would change a single thing

As long as we’re together and she’s wearing her fireman’s wedding ring.