Dedicated Dad.

My daddy wears a beeper that he carries every day,

And every time it makes a noise he has to go away.

Sometimes its when were eating sometimes its when we play,

And one time on my birthday he just got up and went away.

I don't like it very much when my daddy has to leave,

He always says he will be back and he asks me to believe.

Then one day he sat me down to explain it all to me,

He has to do what he does he doesn't want to leave.

My daddy has a special job and when people need his help,

They phone the fire department and his beeper starts to yelp.

He rushes to the aid of those in our community,

And works to help the families and the children just like me.

I now know that i can smile and be happy for my dad,

Because he is the most dedicated fireman our community's ever had.

- written by Lieutenant Cam Ferguson in honor of his father