Fallen Towers, Fallen Heroes

To those who went up and did their jobs,
Our hearts will mourn, and we will weep.
To save those lives, you gave your all,
And on this day, 9/11, we shall always recall.

Once stood the World Trade Centre, so proud and tall,
And as those free world icons began to fall,
The nation and the world watched the towers in shock,
But we will again unite, and become a mighty rock.

With tears, horror and disbelief,
The greatest of anger and a heart full of grief.
Terrorists left
America, "The Big Apple" - New York,
In hours of silence, unable to talk.

We will never forget and we never should,
Those skies are now empty, and rebuild, yes we could.
But to those who died and were taken that day
Our deepest respects and thanks are what now we should say.

To the land of the free,
And the home of the brave,
You did the most,
And your "Best" you gave.

Angels shed a tear, as they took you that day,
To heaven, and God, for you to now rest and lay,
You died in the service of a noble calling,
To the towers that fell, and the heroes that have fallen...

"You are gone from our touch, but never our hearts,
Gone from our sight, but never our memories"...

Rest in Peace, we will honour and remember you always.

Trisha Kitas
10th September 2002