Fighting Fires From On High

Dedicated to Young Joe

I see a young boy with bright red hair Shaking hands with people he does not know, at his father's funeral in New York City. His name is "Young Joe" and his father, A New York City firefighter Who had a smile as long and wide And constant as the Hudson River Rushed into the World Trade Center And became ashes in seconds Well aware of his Christian faith's promise "Remember, man, thou art dust And unto dust thou shalt return." Repeated thousands of times each Lent By his parish priest who put the seal of ashes on his forehead.

Young Joe cannot possibly understand this (Because none of us can see spirits) But the last hand that took his At his father's wake was his father's spirit Who grabbed him into his arms, Kissed his forehead and said softly:

"Ah, Young Joe, do not cry, do not weep, I have seen the face of Jesus in the fire And in all the terrible agony on the street Sure you will join me, Son, In the blinking of an eye; God's love 'till we meet.

But you must keep strong for us, firefighters all now. Comfort your mother, keening there on the side. I am still here with you, Son, standing tall; my new job is to fight fires from on high.

So if you are ever scared and feeling all alone If you make the fire service your career Remember, even a quick prayer brings me near. So, keep talking to me as if I never died, Young Joe, for I still love you, even more, from the other side."