Firefighter 1

Since the turn of the century one things stood true!
A sign of courage, no matter what they may do!

No matter the pressure or danger they face!
And when the tones go off, how their hearts do race!

We hear them get ready, gear in their hands.
Praying to God right their where they stand.
Knowing he will guide them to triumph through the dangers at hand.

They leave their families to help others through hard times.
Not knowing at that moment if they will leave there alive?

As they walk through the front door and see the yellow light.
The heat is unbearable so they start the fight!

Knocking it down like the fighters they are!
Cause once they have started, it doesnt go far!

Minutes of fighting seems hours or more!
Still feeling the fear they open a new door!

Standing behind him, the lineman awaits.
Feeling the fire swelter his face.

The fear runs through him and he wants to get out!
But he knows he has to stay there and fight it without a doubt!

He fought it and fought it the fire is down!
Now he searches for anything of their just laying around!

The fire is over and the deed is done.
Now back to the fire engine they are on the run!

Proud of their timing, they talk and they cheer!
I think I will be a Firefighter for a few more years!

 By: Fire Fighter Robert Fluck