Firefighter's Diet

Firefighters love to eat, but away back then,
It was meat and potatoes and eggs from a hen,
And cheeses’ and sauces and tarts and pies,
And bacon and sausage and real French fries,
Or rare red meat, taken from a cow,
With two pork chops, cut from a sow,
Firefighters love to eat, but now they are more wise,
Gone ,the bacon and sausage and high calorie pies,
Now egg whites and yogurt or bran with some oats,
Salads and lean meat and milk from old goats,
Feta with less pasta, an apple with green tea,
Decaf, no cream, with honey from a bee.
All these new diets do make us cheer,
But firefighters all, still like their beer.

by D.M.Bowles February 17, 2009