Firefighterís funeral


On a cold January morning I watched as they lowered the casket into the snow 6ft down

under that cold and lonely earth was where my friend was to go.

As I stood there underneath the falling flakes, the tears ran down my cheek,

That painful memory of his death has been haunting me for weeks.

Iím still standing that not knowing what to do, just staring into the distance

I feel that I am all alone, and no one in existent.

Amazing grace is now playing and his mother begins to cry,

For the son she loved so much never got to say goodbye.

I close my eyes so I can see his face

With those beautiful eyes and his charm and grace.

His love and compassion no one will ever see again but his spirit will always go on till days end.

The flag is being folded by the guys he loved so much

Their pain and sorrow even I couldnít touch.

As the family departs from this saddening sight the company and I remain

 To cover up the casket, to say good bye one more time to a brother that didnít die in vain.

We begin to leave one by one and the sun begins to shine

We all know that it is our brother telling us that he is fine.

And on that cold January morning as I stood there in the snow

I said goodbye to another firefighter with ST. Florin he will go.

Author: Lynn Walters, junior firefighter Boonville volunteer FD