Station Area and General Risks.

The Station lies in a quiet village with a Recreation ground backing onto the rear of the Drill Yard.
The area is variably traversed by a major trunk road- the A228, and provides strategic cover for the vehicle fires and special services that regularly occur on the M2 and M20 Motorways.

The Station provides further cover for the more larger and built up areas, namely Strood, Larkfield, and sometimes the towns of Medway and Maidstone.

The General risks in our grounds are a Petrol Station situated one side of the village, between Halling and Snodland, and one not so many metres from our station. There is also a large Paper Mill in Snodland that is attended to. Situated both ends of our village are Strood and Larkfield Fire Stations, many a night and day have we often been playing snooker or darts while on standby.

Being in a village there are many rural areas where many fires occur in woodlands, fields and wastelands most are caused by deliberate and some by the careless. There is also a river running parallel with Halling the River Medway this river is tidal and is navigated by both commercial and pleasure boats., try pulling a stuck horse or cow out of the mud: it's not easy I can tell you.

The latest and most adventurous development is the major project undertaken by a new Rail-link that runs across the River Medway on the out skirts of our Fire ground, together with a new road bridge, making the M2 wider for the ever increasing traffic. There is also at the time of writing this, plans to build a major complex of houses etc, on the old cement works land on the south side of Ladds Lane, and on the right side a new cement works. And within the next 10 years if all goes well, there are plans to build a complex of several hundred houses and village amenities across the river near a small village called Wouldham. About a mile and a half or so from our station towards Snodland will be another new bridge to reach this new complex area, this should increase our station ground. update 03-10-09 houses are being built but no sign of the new cement work complex. No sign of Bridge across river yet.

There are now plans for the next 43 weeks for major road works just out of our village on the A228 dual carriage by-pass for a new roundabout and a tunnel, when these are completed hopefully we may have access to across the river to widen our ground. more info as and when acquired.                14-01-05       At the time of writing this, the works are already well under well, the A228 is now down to one lane, and they have started the tunnel already.

Update 03-10-09 Roundabout is complete, but as of yet no tunnel or bridge to other side of river. New Bridge 2017 is now well in use and makes a lot of difference to travel time.

Update 30/04/2015

No new Cement works, Houses at Ladds Lane is well under way with most of them built.called Holborough lakes.

 Started ground works other side of river in a place could Pete's Pit, soon be houses there and the start of the new Bridge across the River is now well underway. Bridge is complete and many houses build at Pete's Pit with still a lot of land left for more.

Where the garage was is now new houses, right up to the road edge apart from the path, just make's you wonder how these things get permission to be Built??.

Also Cement works at North Halling, is now becoming a new Housing Estate or what ever they are called these days. BUT the Poor A228 has NOT been updated so just a matter of time before there will be a constant flow of traffic, heaven forbid if there is a Major Accident on this road in this area, BUT the people that allow these places to be built know about this concern as they have been told, but really they don't live here so why should they worry????????. Many of the houses have now been built, not sure how many are going there but there's a lot of land. 2 new lakes have been added to this area, But the main large blue lake is still there. S t. Andrews as it is now called, looks very nice, still building at this present moment Nov 2018.