Brother when you weep for me remember that it was meant to be

Lay me down and when you leave remember Iíll be at your sleeve

In every dark and choking hall Iíll be there as you slowly crawl

On every roof in driving snow Iíll hold your coat and you will know

In cellars hot with searing heat at windows where at a gate you meet

In closets where young children hide you know Iíll be there at your side

The house from which I now respond is overstaffed with heroes gone

Men who answered one last bell did the job and did it well

As firemen we understand that deathís a card dealt in our hand

A card we hope we never play but one we hold there anyway

That card is something we ignore as we crawl across a weakened floor

For we know that weíre the only prayer for anyone that might be there

So remember as you wipe your tears the joy i knew through tout the years

As I did the job I loved to do I pray that thought will see you through.