Heroes Cry

I've always had a hero Even if he couldn't fly
He is a firefighter Such a wonderful guy

He would drive the engine Blow the horn and wave
He'd even give us stickers When there wasn't a life to save

I knew when I got older What I'd like to be
A job as a firefighter Yep, that's the job for me

I got older and years flew by My goal still in my heart
I watched as they fought fires I couldn't wait to be a part

One day I got my chance To help my heroes out
I woke up on that morning To hear my mother shout

I burst into tears When I heard a women say
"Thousands of people are dead 343 Firefighters were lost today."

I tried to dry my eyes And kissed my mom good bye
I began to pack back my bags I couldn't watch them die.

I called my two friends And we agreed to do all we could
We found a ride, and braved a train We hoped to do some good.

A police man stopped to ask us If we needed a ride
We jumped into a van Not knowing what we'd find

We drove until we reach the grounds That's when silence fell on us all
I saw my heroes searching Thought mounds some thirty feet tall

We helped our heroes out We washed wounds and nursed their colds
As I washed their eyes I could see the pain that they hold

We worked to keep them safe With a band aid or a pill
We listened to them talk And took care of them when ill

Then one day I took a walk With some band aids in a pouch
I treated as I greeted I tried to mend each OUCH

I walked into a tent To remember those who now were gone
I read each name out loud Tears stopped me from going on.

I collapsed to my knees Filled with fear, anger, and pain
For some where deep inside I know nothing would be the same

I cried and shook so hard I couldn't get myself to stand
That's when i felt it on my back It was a hero's hand

He helped me get on my feet And held me by his side
We gazed at men's photos The men smiled with such pride

I looked up at my hero His face was brown with dirt
I looked into his eyes I could tell that they hurt

His face was strong and tiered Which sort of showed his years
Then a realized the lines Lines in dirt which came from tears

As I stood there I held tightly Not wanting to let my hero go
I didn't want my hero to cry I wished it wasn't so.

And there stood deep in the night Deep inside a tent
A hero and a teenage girl She knew who God had sent.

Trish k