Hero’s where have all the hero’s gone

They may be just down the block or outside of town

They may be a neighbour or a stranger you meet on the street

When you have a problem who can you call?

Not superman or batman or any other comic book hero

You call the real life hero’s of today

You call the volunteers of the fire departments and life squads of America

How many people do you know who would get up in the middle of the night

Or from the supper table to go save someone they have never met

Or to save someone’s else’s property from burning up

Not many

I am the son of a volunteer firefighter and first responder so I know

That when his tones drop he may have to go on that run

And he may not come back but that is a chance our family has to take

So when you see that blue light coming up behind you

Please remember that one day it might be you

They are coming to save

So please give them the respect of letting them pass

Remember, one day it might be you

Author: David Gray (age 16)