I have always thought that angels
wore halos and wings of white
But now I find they wear hard hats
and black coats with yellow stripes

And angels, in my mind, wore long
flowing gowns of white
But now I see dark pants and shirts
and badges shining bright

And angels always floated with
bare feet above the ground
Not true! For they wear steel toed boots
and go where death is found

Not all angels have smooth hands
that look like porcelain
Some angels have torn gloves and cuts
and burns upon their skin

And while I thought all angels
glowed from heavens light
I see an angel cutting steel
his torch is shining bright

And while these earthly angels
passed buckets of debris
The angels up in heaven looked
down on bended knee

So while the smoke continued
to rise into the sky
I watched the rescue workers weep
I've seen the angels cry

Bonnie McDaniel 17, Sept 2001