I am a fireman

At three in the morning, there is quiet and peace

All of my family’s softly dreaming their dreams

I work all day from dawn until dusk

But when that siren sounds, it’s hustle I must

No matter the time, no matter the place

Someone’s life could be in danger

And I must make haste

I am a fireman, I volunteer to save lives

I do this without thought of the fear that’s inside

I will do what it takes to make sure they’re all right

I will help put out that fire, if it takes us all night

Some people don’t see why I do what I do

But that’s just how life is for “me and the crew”

We live for the moment; we give all we’ve got

Fighting fires and saving lives, we give our best shot

A fireman’s promise to do a good deed

Giving our time and devotion to those who are in need

No matter the cost, it’s a Firemans creed

God blessed me with patience, god takes all my fears

We walk in his footsteps through the fire and tears

His hands are upon us as we bear this load

As our fire trucks take us down hells darkened roads

No flame can burn me I bare gods shield from the start

With love and devotion, I have a Firemans heart

Dedicated to Justin l Jenkins

By Linda Marie Jenkins