Images of Firefighters

Images of Firefighters rise up inside of me...
Today it's of the volunteers, that I think especially.
They are faces of family men and of women two,
who give so selflessly for the sake of me and you.

They go through special training, all on their own time,
supported by their loved ones, as they learn how to save lives.
There are many hours of paperwork necessary to be done,
and sure there are times they'd rather be, just out having fun.

But the chief must have a secretary and a treasurer too,
to help department duties run efficiently and smooth.
They are husbands and neighbours, someone's daughter or son,
involved in things like hockey too and family work to be done.

Firefighters are joined like a family in a very special way,
sponsoring card games and dances, and bingo games folks play.
Through various fundraising together they touch so many lives.
They might even teach "the limbo" to the youth - at least they'll try.

They're called to serve at any hour, fighting any kind of fire.
There are false alarms, and accidents, and times some people die.
I think of a "dad" who died in a fire when I was just a child,
although I'm sure that his spirit, is very much alive.

If he was here, I'm sure he'd say, "Thank you" to the ones,
who tried to save his life for his daughter and his son,
and I'm sure there is many a "thank you" offered in a prayer,
because you have given of yourselves to show you truly care.

May I now ask God to bless you in a very special way
with a promise to remember you often when I pray,
and may I invite others, to join volunteer families,
who live and serve together, for the good of communities.

We pass this way but once and the good we're called to do,
is shared in very many ways by people like me and you,
so may we all enrich the lives of others on life's path
in answer to God's calling, in whatever way He asks.

Written with love and prayers for all who serve their communities
through Fire Department Service, especially the volunteers.
(c) Viola Doncaster, East Bay, CB. March 4, 1996.