In Memory Of

Paul Gibson
David Hammer Iggulden
Jeff Hengel
Jesse James
Ricard B. Moore II
Leland Price Jr.
Mark Ransdell
Ricardo "Ricky" Ruiz

Here we are again, a new day
Where are our friends we've known along the way?
In this moment of silence, nothing to hear
Except the sound of traffic and the flag blowing clear
How do we deal with the losses of loved ones gone?
There is many ways but, I guess, it's only the time that moves on
This sort of thing doesn't, shouldn't happen to them
And on the lips of all you hear, they were my friends

Just look upon high and remember the good,
Time we shared together like you know they would
If we all had just one more moment with each, what would we say?

Nothing more than they already knew yesterday
Well, we will see you again in that bright big sky,
Good by to our beloved friends who we will morn as we cry.

By Megan Osborne
August 25,2003
Author: Megan Osborne