it's up to you


I am the cause of each smoke filled hall

I am the reason you get a structure call

many times we have gone to war

I am fire and you are the firefighter

sometimes I am brought about accidentally, by children who play with a match or a lighter

I take many lives and I spare some too. 

but remember my friend, sometimes I leave their fate up to you.

will you get there fast enough before it is to late 

or will this person suffer and come to a burning hot fate

you may get the call in the early morning hour or just for spite  might come so late in the night 

that you have to drag yourself out of bed, with little strength  left to fight.

I make you give me your all, and you had better try your best, 

because if you don't  in a coffin is where you will rest.

many people die everyday because of my game, but no fire is ever the same.

make my presence known, make the children aware.

tell them when they play with me, I NEVER play fair.

I may not come after them, but their mothers, sisters, brothers and their fathers too.

a lot of peoples fate depends of you, so my friend

what will you do?


BY Vanessa Lynn Brooks