Just Doing My Job

As I search though the smoke and flames my bell on my air pack goes off
I have five minutes left to search for the 2 year old boy i was sent in to get.
I search and search through the endless room
When suddenly i hear a little voice weeping in the closet.
I head toward the closet calling for my fellow firefighter to come and help.
I open the door and find a little boy sitting in there holding a teddy bear.
I take off my mask and give him the air that I have left
And I put him under my arm and follow the hose back to a window
Where I smash out a window to get help.
The ladder truck swings it ladder toward me.
I finally get to the ground where I am asked if I am a hero.
I say no...just doing my job sir. Then I run back to help fight the fire.

Author: Shane LaFord