Ladies Auxiliary Prayer

The ladies wait while their men respond

United as one in a common bond

The bond of serving, each in their own way

The needs that arise, be what they may

The reheated meals, the unsipped drink,

Are a common occurrence, much more than you think.

It’s mostly routine and done without flair

The men return, their ladies are there

But then comes the call, the tough one to fight

A working fire that may last through the night

The ladies again wait but this time they know

That sooner or later they too will go

As they wait for the signal, the time draws near

For that sooner or later to be suddenly here

The men are all weary, some of them spent

The refreshments that arrive are like heaven sent

The Auxiliary, in fact, is more than a name,

It’s dedicated arm of the Volunteer game.

So God when we pray, for the fireman’s care

Include the Ladies, who were also there.


Author: Laurie Allen

President of the West Paris Maine fire departments Auxiliary