My Firefighter

I just want to thank every firefighter out there. All of you men and women are my heroes, especially my firefighter. I have only been married to my husband for a couple of years but from the first day that I met him I knew that I was going to love him forever. He has four little boys that he has raised alone and he has managed to put himself through school to be the one thing that he dreamed of growing up. Now he is going back to school to get his EMT.

He is volunteering for the Aurora Fire Department in Oregon, working full time, going to school and being a daddy full time. I thank God for firefighters, especially the volunteers as they do not have to be there and they still manage to be there with little to no pay at every accident, every fire alarm, every fire. I have asked my husband why he does this but he tells me that you have to be a firefighter to really know why we do it. These guys and gals love what they do, their acts of heroism just blows me away.

When my husband goes on a call I love to listen with envy to his pager and listen to what is going on. As we drive by a fire truck our 16 month old baby yells and waves "hi dada" and mimic's the sound of the sirens mesmerised by the lights. So he is my only my hero, he is the hero of every little boy and girl in the USA.

Firefighters are the heroes of everyone and need thanks for what they do, even if they say that they do not care about the thanks deep down inside it is so nice to have someone to thank them. So anyone that reads this please thank your local firefighters whether it is a call or a visit or a wave or a smile as you walk by them in a store.

Remember they are going to be there for you when you really need them... show them that you care.

GOD BLESS every single one of you paid or not paid, you are all the same to me HEROES!!!

by Crissa Murphy, aurora fire department, usa