My Baby

My baby, he’s so brave and so strong, he’s always ready to give it his all;

it doesn’t matter that it might take long, ‘cause my baby will always stand tall.

In the middle of the day or night, regardless of what’s going on;

he’s ready when there’s a fire to start, when the tones go off, I know he’ll be gone.

In his arms, I feel safe and protected from harm, but others are in need, so this I must share;

always on his way with the sound of the alarm, it takes a lot to give that much, to truly love and care.

The tones go off, morning is almost here, in the arms of my baby I snuggle;

but he’s out of bed and in his gear, before out of bed I can even struggle.

As I yell after him, be careful, I love you, I know he sees the pride in my eyes;

urgency is in his, as he says I love you too, and I watch his truck fly out of the drive.

I say my prayers to God above, keep my baby safe, no matter what the cause;

to him I give all my love, he gives his all without a single pause.

I love him for what he does and for the choices he has made, although sometimes I wish in my embrace he could stay;

 but it is his duty you see, although he don’t get paid, he’s a guardian little angel, made in God’s loving way.

When he rushes to save a life and put a fire out, I worry and pray that it won’t be another all-nighter;

but with the lord, I’ll stand behind him without a doubt, my baby, my hero, my courageous firefighter.

Author: Kimmi Tucker