No Greater Love

There are police and support groups to make our burdens lighter
But on May 4th, we celebrate the GREATNESS OF THE FIRE FIGHTER!
We honor them and thank them on this very SPECIAL DAY
We thank them for protecting us, while placing their own lives in harms way.

Their thoughts are UNSELFISH, thinking only of the 'other one'
They do not rest - UNTIL WE'RE SAFE - only THEN - is their job DONE.
They are ALWAYS there to help us - ANY DAY OR TIME OF YEAR
For this they are OUR HEROES - for their COURAGE and LACK OF FEAR.

A Fire Fighter is driven - by some SPECIAL FORCE WITHIN.
A secret force that seems to connect ALL these brave men and women.
And just WHAT is this secret force - that 'from us' - sets them apart?
It's found in every Fire Fighter - it's found deep in their heart.

And I believe it's quite simple, as their EVERY ACT OF LOVE unfolds
ONE WORD represents this force that EACH Fire Fighter captures and holds.
It is found very clearly - in a BOOK that GUIDES US TO OUR END……
"No greater LOVE exists - than in one who lays down their life for a FRIEND."

By: Marie Elaina Gordon © 2003 - North American Coordinator IFFD, USA